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6.1 earthquake south of Russia -- KYRGYZSTAN -- plate movement into Europe next

Global warming: Sea levels could rise for centuries to come

Global Warming: Updated prophecies and Earth Change information on Global Warming from I AM America.
Four Master Teachers join their consciousness as ONE and share Earth Changes updates in Global Warming, Part One, from the Soul Alchemy Series. The spiritual masters base their analysis on the state of collective human consciousness, and emphasize the importance of the spiritual practice of the Twelve Jurisdictions—spiritual virtues for the New Times. This material covers many detailed prophecies for the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. Spiritual teachings include the New Children of South America; the Golden Cities of the earth and their purpose in world prayer, meditation, and communal spiritual practice; the Gulf of Mexico, Climate Change, Global Warming, extreme weather, Global Super-storms, and the world’s oceanic thermohaline current...

Strong warning on climate threshold from University of Arizona researchers

By Summit Voice
SUMMIT COUNTY — Ice sheets in the Arctic and Antarctic will probably keep melting, and sea levels will keep rising for a long time — even if greenhouse gas emissions are curbed in the near future, according to a University of Arizona-led team of researchers who studied the history of rising sea levels during the last interglacial period.
“This study marks the strongest case yet made that humans, by warming the atmosphere and oceans, are pushing the Earth’s climate toward the threshold where we will likely be committed to four to six or even more meters of sea level rise in coming centuries,” said Jonathan Overpeck, co-director of the University of Arizona’s Institute of the Environment. Read More

The Role of Fire in Climate Change Professor of Forest Ecology David Bowman from the University of Tasmania in Hobart, talks about human involvement with fire and its consequences...

Climate Change Could Lead to World Conflict: UN official warns climate change could lead to conflicts over resources  Climate change could result in "sudden and abrupt" shocks to countries around the world and have "far-reaching implications for global stability and security," a senior United Nations' official has warned...

The Scientific Search for Answers: Nevada desert provides answers Nevada has a bright spot in the high desert and it's not another solar energy project. Instead, it's a place to explore the solar system as well as probe suspect gases that scientists believe are causing climate change. It's a place where scientists flock to calibrate their tools for tracking Earth's greenhouse gases and help them in their search for life on Mars...

And when it thaws, Drill, Baby, Drill: Arctic shelf prospecting in view of global warming The participants in the Lena-2011 international expedition are on their way from St. Petersburg to Siberia. Scientific research in the delta of the Lena River and the Laptev Sea will help uncover the secrets of weather fluctuation on the planet, find out the prospects for global climate changes and obtain more accurate information about the borders of the Russian continental shelf in the Arctic...

Why the unending conflict over Global Warming and Climate Change? Read this interesting and controversial article:

Tunguska, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction
[Towards the end of this article, Laura Knight-Jadcxzyk reminds the reader of the previous and vital influence of the Feminine in our ancient cultures and its inherent ability to heal and balance our global environments, societies, and economies. This understanding similarly echoes many of the prophecies and spiritual teachings in the I AM America material, and the energies of the Feminine are prophesied to overcome tyrannical, volatile patriarchal energy and usher our global consciousness into the New Times. –Lori]

by Laura Knight-Jadcxzyk

One hundred and three years ago today, on the night of 30 June and 1 July, one of the most extraordinary events in modern history occurred.

The first reports of a strange glow in the sky came from across Europe. Shortly after midnight on 1 July 1908, Londoners were intrigued to see a pink phosphorescent night sky over the capital. People who had retired awoke confused as the strange pink glow shone into their bedrooms. The same ruddy luminescence was reported over Belgium. The skies over Germany were curiously said to be bright green, while the heavens over Scotland were of an incredible intense whiteness which tricked the wildlife into believing it was dawn. Birdsong started and cocks crowed - at two o'clock in the morning. The skies over Moscow were so bright, photographs were taken of the streets without using a magnesium flash. A captain on a ship on the River Volga said he could see vessels on the river two miles away by the uncanny astral light. One golf game in England almost went on until four in the morning under the nocturnal glow, and in the following week The Times of London was inundated with letters from readers from all over the United Kingdom to report the curious 'false dawn'. A woman in Huntingdon wrote that she had been able to read a book in her bedroom solely by the peculiar rosy light. There were hundreds of letters from people reporting identical lighting conditions that went on for weeks... (Tom Slemen)
None of the people witnessing this strange phenomenon had any idea that, in the central Siberian plateau, just after 7:15 a.m. local time, the planet had been hit by a cometary impactor that exploded - as most such impactors do - in the atmosphere just above the Earth's surface. Read More

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Gateways of Light

The Golden Cities assist our transformation into Unity Consciousness and accelerate the Ascension Process. Great message!~ Lori

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Twilight Hours Series

Our latest release, The Twilight Hours Series, contains many up-to-date prophecies and empowering spiritual teachings. The series focuses on the Ascension Process, the 2012 Galactic Wave, HU-man Evolutionary development, and prophecies regarding the global economy and world-wide Earth Change. Saint Germain says, "Many are not ready to hear this message, while others will hear it and awaken, even in the Twilight Hours." We think you will find the series informative; and the spiritual practice taught - the Twilight Breath Meditation - is calming and expansive, and helps to build the ever-important Evolutionary and Ascension light bodies. According to the Master Teachers our spiritual development and individual state of consciousness can lessen, avert, and possibly ameliorate catastrophic change and help usher in the New Times. We've practiced the technique since receiving the information, and are available to help if you have any questions. If you would like to form a group to practice the Twilight Meditation, or need any help with the meditation-breath method, please email us at

These next two articles parallel the Ascended Masters' prophetic Golden City Vortices. Enjoy. ~Lori

The Crystalline City
I float through a Crystalline City of dazzling beauty.
Brilliant breath taking colors.
Shimmers of iridescence.
Spikes and sunbursts of light.
I have no scale with which to judge the height of the tall, slender, delicate towers that soar above me and plunge far below.
How does one describe a vision which exceeds the most unbelievable Fairy Tale ever recorded by a hundred fold.
There is energy here.
It is Life.
I am a welcome guest, but could never in my present form be an inhabitant.
I am nearer the “ground” now. There are smaller, more slender towers here. They are no less delicate and exquisite.
I know, in some unexplained way that each tower is a single crystal. Even though there are multifaceted areas, areas of filigree, lattice and glowing fiber each tower is autonomous.
Floating – Drifting – Experiencing
Suddenly I know the Crystal Towers are alive.
There is a Crystalline Life Force.
This is their World.
This is not a Fairy Land of wonderful Crystal towers constructed by an unknown alien form. These are magnificent, intelligent, individual life forms radiating Life Energy and Completeness.
This is not a place for such as me to dwell.
This is a place of majesty, power and sincere intent.
This is place for such a one as I to come for healing, for affirmation and for companionship.
The Crystalline Life Force, although very different, is compatible with many other Life Forces. Their thoughts, encouragements and advice comes to me as knowings (substantiated) by their presence.
I feel alive – I feel whole – I feel affirmed I drift away and back into the Cosmos.
I, Spirit, will return to my dense earth bound body.
I will return slightly wiser and slightly more fulfilled.
I know now, that there is also a Crystalline presence on the planet of my habitation.
I must listen.
~Steve Dizmon

A Lighted House by Nancy Connally
As we begin to cooperate with the energy of the constellation of Cancer and build our own 'lighted houses', as individuals and as groups, we find that the elimination from within the energetic field all that might hinder the Higher Energies from working through us is a necessity. We also are assisting in the process of building the lighted house of Planet Earth. Master M. tells us that in each moment man either creates or destroys. The greatest hope of the world lies in the possibilities of All being incessantly reborn and renewed at every moment.In the largest sense, we might recognize that the One Life is building the ultimate 'lighted house' that consists of all manifested existence. We can then carry this idea of building and Light into our Galaxy, Solar System and onto our immediate home in space, our Planet, which is in process of becoming a sacred planet in order to be of better service and use to the Whole. As parts of this planetary existence, our cooperation is vital to the transformation of our planetary home and all the kingdoms of nature that comprise parts of it, so that eventually our Cosmic Destiny of becoming a "Station of Light" with implications far beyond even our solar system. Read More

How to Be Harmonious in a Changing World

This piece by Sandra Ingerman mirrors many of the prophecies and philosophies of the I AM America teachings.--Lori

As we continue to experience change to the Earth due to climate changes, it is important for us to shift our perspective about what is happening. We are also witnessing deterioration on political and economic levels. Today many people talk about the change in consciousness and evolution that humans are going through. And at the same time all of life -- all species and the Earth herself are going through a change. The landscape of the earth is evolving and changing as it has done throughout time. Land masses have changed over time and will continue to do so. The destruction that we experience is hard on the people and animals who suffer loss of home and lives. And at the same time we must recognize that the Earth is evolving and changing into new landscapes just like human consciousness is evolving into a new landscape. Read More

Hope from the Elemental Kingdom...
From Chernobyl to Japan: Treating Radiation Sickness with Rock Dust  by Joanna Campe
Many people today were not alive or do not remember the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. I remember it vividly. Just a few days after the disaster, I flew to Salzburg, Austria, to attend a banquet in honor of a very dear friend and mentor, the economic philosopher Leopold Kohr. He was receiving the keys to the city of Salzburg from the mayor and the pre-arranged banquet menu featured venison, mushrooms and berries— precisely the wild foods that had the greatest exposure to radioactive fallout. Years later I wrote a poem called The Chernobyl Feast which I read at a memorial service at Yale for Kohr. Each day Austrians checked the newspaper to read the radiation levels of every food in order to make a choice about what to eat. The government recommended avoiding fresh foods from gardens and farms and instead eating processed foods that were packaged and canned before the disaster and were therefore not exposed to radiation. It was very eerie not to be able to eat the beautiful but invisibly and insidiously radioactive vegetables, fruits and berries in the gardens. In the years leading up to Chernobyl, some dairy farmers in Austria were using remineralization as a part of their operations. They added rock dust to liquid manure as well as combining it with compost, thereby removing odors and greatly increasing soil biota. As a result, cows had twice the normal lifespan and produced much more milk. Amazingly enough, after Chernobyl, the cheeses that were remineralized (as well as biodynamic cheeses) measured no radioactivity whatsoever. Austrians would stand in long lines in order to buy these safe, remineralized products. Read More

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Needed: A Crystal Courier in Colorado.

As part of an Earth Healing Ceremony, we are connecting the centers of the five major cleansing Vortexes in the United States with crystals (see Three of the centers have active groups, in AZ, GA, and IL. We have a Crystal Courier burying a crystal in the fourth center in Lolo, MT and now need a Courier or Tag Team to carry its companion crystal from the Denver Airport to the center of the fifth Vortex at or near Cope, CO, approximately 100 miles due East of Denver, to bury it. These crystals are programmed to work together for the healing and upliftment of our Beloved Earth. The crystal will be arriving at the Denver Airport on Wednesday, July 20 at 8 PM. The person carrying the crystal will be on a layover there for 4 hours before leaving. If no one is available, we will trust the Universe to provide a Courier at the airport. Please contact if you can help. Thank you for reading this notice.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Historic dust storm sweeps Arizona, turns day into night

(Reuters) - Phoenix brushed itself off and returned to normal on Wednesday after a "historic dust storm" swept over the area, sending residents scrambling for cover, halting drivers and delaying flights. Day turned into night as the billowy plumes of dust rolled over the mountains and clogged the skies over and around Phoenix in the late afternoon and into the evening on Tuesday, according to meteorologists. "A very large and historic dust storm moved through a large swatch of Arizona," the National Weather Service office in Phoenix said in a statement posted on its website, calling it an "impressive event." Residents rushed inside as sand from the storm blasted the area in winds of up to 50 miles per hour, NWS reported. Near zero visibility forced drivers to stop on area roads until the worst of the storm passed. Read More

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Lori Toye on 21st Century Radio

Lori Toye shares Prophecy and Predictions for Earth Changes with Dr. Zoh Hieronimus, from the I AM America project. This interview features Lori's latest release, Points of Perception: Prophecies and Teachings of Saint Germain. Listen to this radio interview for free.

Timeless Quotes from the Buddha

Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change

Links to the following news stories match many of the I AM America prophecies of flooding in the midwest, and the widening of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The prophecies of the I AM America 6-Map Scenario mirror this first article regarding the frequency of violent storms and extreme changes in weather patterns.~ Lori.

by John Carey

In North Dakota the waters kept rising. Swollen by more than a month of record rains in Saskatchewan, the Souris River topped its all time record high, set back in 1881. The floodwaters poured into Minot, North Dakota's fourth-largest city, and spread across thousands of acres of farms and forests. More than 12,000 people were forced to evacuate. Many lost their homes to the floodwaters. Yet the disaster unfolding in North Dakota might be bringing even bigger headlines if such extreme events hadn't suddenly seemed more common. In this year alone massive blizzards have struck the U.S. Northeast, tornadoes have ripped through the nation, mighty rivers like the Mississippi and Missouri have flowed over their banks, and floodwaters have covered huge swaths of Australia as well as displaced more than five million people in China  and devastated Colombia. And this year's natural disasters follow on the heels of a staggering litany of extreme weather in 2010, from record floods in Nashville, Tenn., and Pakistan, to Russia's crippling heat wave...Read More

Extreme Weather and Climate Change: What's the Link? Does global warming increase the risk of extreme weather? Environmentalists and scientists are re-examining that possible link in light of the wild weather the United States has seen so far in 2011, including heat waves, tornadoes, and wildfires. A similar debate was prompted last year by extreme weather throughout the world, including wildfires in Russia and floods in Pakistan...

[And An Update on the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant from CHINA]
U.S. Fort Calhoun nuclear plant flooded
BEIJING, July 5 (Xinhuanet) -- The Fort Calhoun plant north of Omaha in the US state of Nebraska has been surrounded by flood water from the Missouri River for over ten days. As worries mount, US authorities have reassured the public the plant is safe.
Could this be another Fukushima?
Operators of the Fort Calhoun plant say no.
But pictures like this make it hard to believe the official statement that only part of the utilities are flooded.
Rumors have spread that the reactors suffered a complete meltdown and that radioactive tritium is leaking into the river.
But plant operator, Omaha Public Power, says all key buildings in the plant are secure. No flooding, no meltdown, no radioactive leakage.
They say the plant has nine power sources, and two backup generators, making a Fukushima scenario impossible.
They've received some backing from the independent Union of Concerned Scientists. The group says despite some flooding inside, there are no severe safety problems.
Local residents aren't reassured.
"Yeah, we are definitely worried. That's without question. "
"We are always worried, but there's nothing we can do. "
Nebraska has two nuclear plants along the Missouri River. The troubling photos have brought the Fort Calhoun facility into the spotlight.
The plant was switched off in April to add fuel. Since then, there's been a series of incidents. Though officials say the flood is not a major factor, it will certainly make it more difficult to bring the reactor back online, which many speculate will be in August.