Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Three Stages of Awakening

"The order of awakening is awareness, transformation, realization. Today we are having a hard time meeting the first of these—awareness. Because it seems increasingly hard in a relatively superficial, increasingly amoral, fickle and speed-driven culture to recognize, honor or even value such things as these. After all they are essentially invisible and practicing them doesn’t necessarily give you status in a materialistic world where prestige, acquisition and conformity are prized so highly."

by Richard Harvey

Deep inner change leads to personal transformation and spiritual awakening. It begins with personal therapy. Personal therapy may be an end in itself or a prelude for the life of authenticity, genuine relationship and engagement with others and the world. Personal therapy is connected to spiritual growth through this middle stage, which I call the transformation into authenticity.

Personal therapy can be completed. In the process of inner work there is a point where you feel a sense of completion or personal wholeness. This is the condition of embracing your so-called shadow side, which comprises all that you have denied or repressed, and stored in your deep unconscious. When you live with an acceptance of the shadow alongside your acceptance of your conscious self, you have embraced your whole self. This sense of completion is like a journey around the self. You have realized the wholeness of your personality and found the edges of your egoic limits.

So, beyond the usual parameters of personal therapy, a permanent transformation may come about, which is the flowering of inner work. This is the authentic self. Personal authenticity prepares the way for awakening by connecting us to the source of life or consciousness. Read More

Global Warming and Climate Change

The political debate continues; however, here are some recent articles which chronicle the change in Earth's ecosystems and weather patterns which mirror the I AM America material. ~Lori

Climate report links extreme weather events to global warming Heat waves, droughts, blizzards and the the rest of the year's U.S. record-breaking extreme weather, likely enjoyed a boost from global warming, suggests a climate report. Hurricane Irene this year pushed the U.S. yearly record for billion-dollar natural disasters to 10, smashing the 2008 record of nine. In the "Current Extreme Weather and Climate Change" report, released today by the Climate Communication scientific group, leading climate scientists outlined how increasing global atmospheric temperatures and other climate change effects -- triggered by industrial emissions of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide and methane -- are loading the dice for the sort of extreme weather seen this year...

Global warming brings exotic fish to British waters but at a cost Global warming is leading to "profound" population changes in most common fish species in waters off the UK, according to the first "big picture" study of rising sea temperatures. Around three-quarters of the species affected have grown in numbers, the government-funded study claims. While cold water-loving species such as cod and haddock fare badly, those that can do well in warmer conditions including hake, dab and red mullet are thriving...

Climate change threatens California beaches: study Global warming could cost California beach communities hundreds of million dollars due to lost tourism and other income earned on the famously surfer-friendly coastline, a new study said. Storm damage and erosion will narrow beaches over the next century, cutting facilities for tourists and wildlife, said the report which looked at five coastal communities including Venice beach and Malibu...

AND, last, but not least: Va. Court Rules That Insurance Doesn't Cover Global Warming Claims A state appeals court ruled today in the first case of its type that an insurance company does not have to foot the bill for a company facing damages over climate change...

Joseph Chilton Pearce: The Biology of Transcendence

This is a terrific interview and explains the link between biology and the Ascension Process. Enjoy! ~ Lori