Friday, February 8, 2013

The Old vs. the New

by Polona Somrak
Dear Ones!

We are in a transition between the old and the New. What is this shift in our physical Ascension truly about? Firstly, we have to be aware that all ...the levels of our Being need to be addressed and assessed in this shift. There is no one without the other, as everything is intrinsically interconnected. Everything is whole within the grander Whole of All That Is. So when we shift on one layer of our Being, the other layers naturally align with our Source Essence as well. What are the most apparent realizations within the New?

In the New, we shift from thinking in terms of good/bad, right/wrong, serving/not serving, useful/time wasting, etc. to the perspective of Divine order of everything and we understand that everything is just about sharing different perspectives. We might resonate with a certain perspective more, as we embody a certain vibration which we may call our predominant frequency. When in the awareness of Oneness, we can neutrally see and integrate all of the other perspectives as well, while firmly residing in our own truth and Spirit integrity. We become a neutral objective observer and we see the connection of everything and the internal influences behind the "scenes".

In the New, we are moving from doing to Being, as we are shifting from Human doings to Light Beings. We realize that in the Divine Plan of Perfection, there is no control and pushing things. We act through awareness and only when we are so guided. This means that we are responsive through being aligned with our Soul instead of being reactive through the ego, which is the lower self. Being passive is something different than being active through surrendering and letting go while taking only those action steps that follow our Bliss ... the authentic Self! We also know that we can only receive guidance on the next step and we are not interested in the "distant future", as we only wish to reside in the Now moment. Read More