Saturday, July 26, 2014

Earth survived near-miss from 2012 solar storm

[Is it possible that in 2012 that we actually shifted the trajectory of Earth’s possible collision with solar catastrophe? Imagine – it was only a narrow variance of seven days that determined if our life remained unscathed or technologically tumbled back nearly 150 years! What made the difference: science, luck, or collective consciousness? What do you think – was it communal effort in prayer and intent? Is humanity ready for its next course of evolution? - Lori]

(The Nation) Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to “knock modern civilisation back to the 18th century,” Nasa said.
The extreme space weather that tore through Earth’s orbit on July 23, 2012, was the most powerful in 150 years, according to a statement posted on the US space agency website Wednesday. However, few Earthlings had any idea what was going on. “If the eruption had occurred only one week earlier, Earth would have been in the line of fire,” said Daniel Baker, professor of atmospheric and space physics at the University of Colorado.
Instead the storm cloud hit the STEREO-A spacecraft, a solar observatory that is “almost ideally equipped to measure the parameters of such an event,” NASA said. Scientists have analyzed the treasure trove of data it collected and concluded that it would have been comparable to the largest known space storm in 1859, known as the Carrington event.
It also would have been twice as bad as the 1989 solar storm that knocked out power across Quebec, scientists said. “I have come away from our recent studies more convinced than ever that Earth and its inhabitants were incredibly fortunate that the 2012 eruption happened when it did,” said Baker. Read More

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

U.S. drought reaches 'apocalyptic' extremes

[In the I AM America 6-Map Scenario, one solution suggested by the Spiritual Teachers is the planting of community gardens. That was almost twenty years ago, and today that piece of advice makes more sense than ever! Smaller home-gardens are also an option if you have the space. And due to Climate Change - Global Warming, the US government site claims this scenario will get even worse with an overall 30% decline in food production in the US. - Lori]

(Natural News) Wide swaths of the United States remain mired in one of the worst droughts in recent times, prompting some to describe conditions as near "apocalyptic."

California, which is essentially the nation's fruit basket, has been particularly hard hit. As noted by The Economic Collapse Blog, some scientists and climatologists are beginning to use phrases like "the worst drought" and "as bad as you can imagine" to describe the current situation in the western half of the nation.

"Thanks to an epic drought that never seems to end," reported the blog, "we are witnessing the beginning of a water crisis that most people never even dreamed was possible in this day and age."

How bad? California is preparing to ban people from watering lawns and washing cars -- but if the drought persists, trust that such measures will pale in comparison to the tight restrictions that are on the way.

Here are some additional reports that describe just how bad things have gotten:

-- The Los Angeles Times has reported that 80 percent of California is now in "extreme" drought:

The NWS' Drought Monitor Update for July 15 shows 81% of California in the category of extreme drought or worse, up from 78%. Three months ago, it was 68%.

The map shows that drought conditions worsened in parts of Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties.

The new data comes as officials are getting tough on water wasters.

Las Vegas may have to shut down

-- The State Water Resources Control Board has voted to give local authorities the power to fine those who waste water up to $500 a day. The board also says that nearly 50 communities around the state are on the verge of running out of water.

-- Many Southern California cities, including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Long Beach, already have mandatory restrictions in place.

-- Worse, water usage is increasing; the latest figures showed that water usage statewide was up 1 percent in May over the same period a year ago (a trend driven primarily by an 8 percent increase in Southern California).

-- The Times also reports that downtown Los Angeles is the driest it has been since records began to be kept in 1877.

-- In something right out of communist East Germany, a social media phenomenon known as "drought shaming" has sprung up -- neighbors who take pictures of other neighbors using water and then posting them on Facebook, or other social media.

-- Climatologist Tim Barnett has said the water situation in Las Vegas "is as bad as you can imagine." He said he believes that, if the city can't "find a way to get more water from somewhere," it will soon be "out of business." Read More

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Northern Canada is On Fire, And It's Making Global Warming Worse

(Mother Jones) For the past few weeks, dry and warm weather have fueled large forest fires across Canada's remote Northwest Territories. The extent of those fires is well above average for the year to-date, and is in line with climate trends of more fires burning in the northern reaches of the globe.
Of the 186 wildfires in the Northwest Territories to-date this year, 156 of them are currently burning. That includes the Birch Creek Fire complex, which stretches over 250,000 acres.
The amount of acres burned in the Northwest Territories is six times greater than the 25-year average to-date according to data from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center.
Boreal forests like those in the Northwest Territories are burning at rates "unprecedented" in the past 10,000 years according to the authors of a study put out last year. The northern reaches of the globe are warming at twice the rate as areas closer to the equator, and those hotter conditions are contributing to more widespread burns.
The combined boreal forests of Canada, Europe, Russia and Alaska, account for 30 percent of the world's carbon stored in land, carbon that's taken up to centuries to store. Forest fires like those currently raging in the Northwest Territories, as well as ones in 2012 and 2013 in Russia, can release that stored carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Warmer temperatures can in turn create a feedback loop, priming forests for wildfires that release more carbon into the atmosphere and cause more warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's landmark climate report released earlier this year indicates that for every 1.8 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperatures, wildfire activity is expected to double. Read More

Examining the Growth of the ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’

(New York Times)  “Spiritual but not religious.” So many Americans describe their belief system this way that pollsters now give the phrase its own category on questionnaires. In the 2012 survey by the Pew Religion and Public Life Project, nearly a fifth of those polled said that they were not religiously affiliated — and nearly 37 percent of that group said they were “spiritual” but not “religious.” It was 7 percent of all Americans, a bigger group than atheists, and way bigger than Jews, Muslims or Episcopalians.
Unsurprisingly, the S.B.N.R.s, as this growing group is often called, are attracting a lot of attention. Four recent books offer perspectives on these Americans who seem to want some connection to the divine, but who don’t feel affiliated with traditional religion. There’s the minister who wants to woo them, two scholars who want to understand them and the psychotherapist who wants to help them.
The Rev. Lillian Daniel’s book “When ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ Is Not Enough” (Jericho, 2013) began as a short essay for The Huffington Post, in which she voiced her exasperation with the predictability that she found in spiritual but not religious people.
“On airplanes,” Ms. Daniel wrote in the essay, in 2011, “I dread the conversation with the person who finds out I am a minister and wants to use the flight time to explain to me that he is ‘spiritual but not religious.’ Such a person will always share this as if it is some kind of daring insight, unique to him, bold in its rebellion against the religious status quo.” Before you know it, “he’s telling me that he finds God in the sunsets.”
“These people always find God in the sunsets,” Ms. Daniel said. “And in walks on the beach.” Read More

Washington’s volcanoes get more scientific scrutiny

(Associated Press)  Washington’s volcanoes are getting some enhanced — and high-tech — scientific scrutiny this summer.
This weekend, about 75 geophysicists from around the world are gathering at Mount St. Helens to bore 23 holes into the mountain so they can create seismic waves with small explosions equivalent to a magnitude 2 earthquake.
They also will be locating some 3,500 new seismic sensors all around the volcano.
The new measuring devices mark the final preparation for a big volcano mapping project that scientists say will enable the equivalent of an ultrasound and CT scan of the volcano’s internal plumbing.
“Mount St. Helens and other volcanos in the Cascade Range threaten urban centers from Vancouver to Portland, and we’d like to better understand their inner workings in order to better predict when they may erupt and how severe those eruptions are likely to be,” said Alan Levander of Houston’s Rice University, lead scientist for the experiment.
Meanwhile, a study of Mount Rainier’s internal plumbing system was published this past week in the science journal Nature.
Researchers from Utah, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Norway used seismic imaging as part of an effort to look at the ways rocks and liquids affect magnetic fields in the Cascade Range, reported.
The “images” they made captured the way magma is fed into a reserve 5 miles under Mount Rainier that will be tapped eventually for eruptions, said geophysicist Phil Wannamaker of the University of Utah. Read More

A new state of consciousness

(Maple Valley Reporter) During the next few days, legal pot stores will start popping up all over King and Pierce counties. However, some of our cautious, duly-elected, local  officials have, diplomatically and politically, decided to slap a moratorium on legal pot within city limits. Of course, that’s only temporary, until they figure out how they want to handle the issue. In the meantime, to get your buzz on you’ll have to drive to retail weed stores in cities without a moratorium or just about any other wide spot in the road.
I knew this would happen sooner or later, but it’s still a bit boggling to realize the hour has finally arrived. Yet, upon the eve of this auspicious occasion, there are still many people who can’t get their heads around the idea. The other afternoon, a rather casual acquaintance and I were sharing coffee in the Lee, when he turned to me and said: “I just don’t understand why a fella wants to try that crap. Can you explain that to me?”
Well, yeah, I probably can. (And it isn’t very often I can explain much of anything.) There actually seems to be an innate, genetic reason for our desire to use not only pot, but a host of other stimulants and depressants and psychedelics, running the gamut from caffeine to heroin.
Yes, you read that correctly. Inherent in our very DNA, there appears to be a desire – a biological need – to experience and seek new and original states of consciousness. Read More

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Lori Toye didn’t know that her life would change forever when she entered the little shop that day long ago to pick up an ad when she was advertising manager for a small newspaper. “You have work to do for Master Saint Germain!” exclaimed the proprietor. The compelling words caused Lori Toye to set her notebook down on the counter and ask, “Who is Saint Germain?”
Much has changed since 1989 and her first extraordinary dream of a Map in 1983. As revealed by the Ascended Masters who visited Lori, their prophetic message of geographic change has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, The New York Times, Art Bell and London’s Carlton Television.
In 1989, Lori and her husband Len established I AM America, a small company that publishes and distributes some of the most thought-provoking spiritual information you’ll encounter. Its Earth Changes Prophecy material is controversial and mind expanding, yet, like all prophecy—from ancient times to the present—its ideal purpose is to illuminate the role of our choices in creating the world we experience. 
Now, years later, Toye’s I AM America company is an educational and publishing foundation dedicated to disseminating the Ascended Masters’ message of Earth Changes Prophecy and Spiritual Teachings for self-development.
Their first publication was the I AM America Map, which was published in September 1989. Since then they have published three more prophecy maps, nine books, a video and numerous audios based on the channeled sessions with the Spiritual Teachers.
Toye’s journey introduced Lori to some of the most exceptional and inspirational information she had ever encountered. Raised in the conventional customs of a small central Idaho farming community and the conservative Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, Lori had never heard of subjects like meditation, spiritual development, or reincarnation. For the next five years, Lori’s journey into this enlightened knowledge deepened as she explored meditation, visualization, spiritual healing and past life regression.
She has now written a trilogy, which is the definitive guide to the teachings she received. The first book, A Teacher Appears lets us know that there is a Divine Plan for a world of peace and prosperity and the Ascended Masters are here to assist us. They have literally gone before us and live in harmony, non-judgment, and service. Accepting a Master Teacher is a way to join forces and learn how to build a New Day of Freedom and Joy for All. The Ascended Masters bring us a global way of thinking and acting.
The second book, Sisters of the Flame, is an exquisitely timed labor of love for those concerned on how to “Be” in our present age of chaotic world events and ever-increasing Earth changes. The book is an invaluable blueprint for those who are intent upon raising their own spiritual awareness and Higher Selves. We are shown how to correct self and our environment – a sacred and urgent task. Lori Toye’s guided messages from the Ascended Masters (principally Saint Germain) convey much comfort to the reader, making one realize that the human race is standing at the precipice of a Golden Age. Her messages state that this New Age can emerge as it was intended to be, but it depends principally on the reciprocal healing of Mother Earth and us through feminine energies – the recognized underbelly of spiritual change and clarity. 
The third and much anticipated final book of the trilogy is currently in progress, “Fields of Light,” and sums up the teachings and shows the way for all truth seekers. Read More

Coming Earth Changes – Water, Water Everywhere

(2012 BlogSpot)
All you have to do is say “Earth Changes” and there is an immediate gut reaction of anxiety. We never know exactly when they will occur or how bad they will be. We know they are happening more and more and will continue to happen, as we are in a cycle of change. The only thing we can do is try to be as prepared as possible (mentally, physically and spiritually) when they happen.

This is one of the reasons why I write these posts. I want to get everyone used to the idea that the Earth is shifting. The poles are shifting. The core is shifting. The oceans and waterways are shifting. We are shifting. The consciousness is shifting. It is a time of accelerated changes which are being seen and felt now, and may last a good long time after we are gone, but I think that we will witness many of these changes in our lifetime. If you are living here now, you were meant to experience this and you have a part to play.

As the Earth and the climates change, so do weather patterns, which then affect crops and the food supply, including distribution. It also can affect the electric grid and produce power outages, sometimes for long lengths of time. It is possible that we all will be touched by these scenarios in some way. We have to accept that we may have to be more self-sufficient at some point. This is why it is advised to start learning how to grow your food and purify your water. Get to know your neighbors. Your community and your friends will become each others’ lifeline. Don’t rely on the government for help; they will be having their own emergencies to deal with.

Lynn, of Psychic Focus Blog ( ) has some interesting posts about Earth Changes in the near future and the problems that come with them. Lori Toye ( ) has also written and spoken on this for a long time and I will share some of her views on this too, as I understand them. Read More

Arizona Earthquake and Aftershocks

(New York Post)
SAFFORD, Ariz. — A moderate earthquake struck in Arizona near the New Mexico line that was widely felt across the region, but no injuries or damages were immediately reported.
County sheriffs’ offices on both sides of the state line reported receiving numerous phone calls after Saturday’s magnitude 5.2 quake shook the largely rural region.
It was felt as far away as Phoenix and El Paso, Texas, both about 175 miles from the epicenter, as well in parts of Mexico, which begins some 80 miles to the south.
The U.S. Geological Survey said that the temblor struck at 9:59 p.m. PDT Saturday and was centered in southeastern Arizona, about 35 miles east of Safford.
USGS geophysicist Jana Pursley says it touched off several aftershocks. The agency reported one at magnitude 3.5.

Aftershocks continue to follow Duncan Quake 
TUCSON - The Arizona Geological Survey is casting a ‘seismic net' to further understand the Duncan earthquake.
Nearly two weeks, and up to hundreds of aftershocks later, Michael Conway, Chief of the Geological Extension Service, said the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) is still working hard to figure out what is going on under the Earth's surface near Duncan, AZ.
The magnitude 5.2 earthquake that shook the region from El Paso, TX to Phoenix, AZ may not have caused a lot of damage but it did shake up a lot of people.