Monday, November 17, 2014

Seed knowledge of a new way of thinking

[By Hunt Henion] Lori Toye's new book, The Ever Present Now, summarizes and edifies over 20 years of the channeled material that has made her famous. Many who don't even know of her work are aware of her Future Earth maps and predictions. However, under all those shocking revelations that grab your attention is a wisdom that has been slowly unfolding for a world very much in need of it.
The masters have imbued the theme of unity in her work from the beginning. Even as they warn of coming earth changes, they've been constantly reminding us that I Am America; you are America; we're connected to the very earth beneath our feet, and we all have an important role to play during these transitional times.
Even as the worries of the impermanent world demand our attention, The Ever Present Now reminds us of the bigger picture and our place in it. Lori's new book gathers together a sampling of all of her most important material, including spiritual techniques for self development, meditation, insight into the seven rays, and how you may possibly relate to life using that 7-ray system the way some use astrology. She covers healing, ascension, and the spiritual and physical structure of the Golden Cities -- and how where you live might be an aid to your consciousness and work. All of these topics are placed more firmly in the scope or humanity's evolution in this book that is now possible after its author has had decades for the message behind all of her channeled messages to sink in.
In short, this new book gives us answers and insight regarding the ongoing global changes, and the reassurance that we all need in order to have faith in the work we know we each need to do. Lori is careful to point out that, “Prophecy’s true purpose is to transform and heal in order to avert catastrophe or calamity.” She addresses that idea thoroughly in a chapter titled, “Prophecy is Not Prediction.”
Still, it's so easy to get distracted by the message of hopelessness around us. Then, as we look for hope, it's easy to get distracted by the metaphysical and esoteric explanations of things. It's all flashy and fun, and we feel enlightened just to be aware of such things. Still, the wars rage and the earth boils because... I Am America and so are you, and our efforts could be a lot more synchronous and harmonious.
The Ever Present Now reminds us of the unchanging truth we all share through simple stories and common sense reasoning, as well as through research and esoteric revelations. For those who are ready, the entire book unveils the reassuring theme that, “A change of heart can change the world.”
The world is a scary place, and knowing what is probably coming our way if things don't change can be terrifying. People want to hear it, but then they go to a place of fear where their brains grind to a stop. The Ever Present Now is the seed of a new way of thinking and reacting based on our own core power and connection to the cause of all things. As Lori puts it, “Our awakening consciousness extends onward to engender a new interaction with our sensitive environments – social, physical, and throughout our precious Earth.”
This book is for anyone who needs to feel that connection better. It is also an excellent overview of the I AM America Teachings and a great way to start for those who have never experienced them. Read More

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11/10/2014 -- Polar Vortex Returns -- "Bomb Cyclone" Arctic Low heading ...

Collect call from E.T. Do you accept the charges?

[EarthSky] How many times have you watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or Independence Day and wondered if what happened in those films could ever really occur?
Well, that day may be getting closer as things start to get interesting in the search for extraterrestrial life.
A recent discovery proves that as much as 50 percent of the water on our planet predates the sun. Not only does this indicate water is more prevalent than we thought, it also means that many more worlds throughout our galaxy probably have habitats conducive to life. In our own solar system, even worlds like Jupiter’s moon Europa, and Saturn’s moons Enceladus and Titan, may host some form of life. This means the so called habitable zones – the specific orbits around stars, for example, at Earth’s distance from our sun – are no longer the only places where life can get started. These small moons don’t get all their energy from the sun. They also get energy from the gravitational push and pull of their host planets. Conceivably, there could be as many as a billion worlds in our galaxy with living things on them.
When speaking of technically advanced civilizations though, those numbers change dramatically. To evolve beyond one-celled organisms takes an extraordinary set of circumstances and an equal dose of luck. The number of starts and stops for life on a distant world probably outnumber all the grains of sand on a large California beach. If however, just a tiny fraction of those worlds with life develop into societies able to communicate, there could be at least 2,000 in our galaxy alone.
So, why in the 54 years since SETI began searching for extraterrestrial radio signals, haven’t we heard a thing?
First, the majority of stars in our galaxy are much older than ours and very far away. A signal from a distant civilization might arrive tomorrow or 100 years from now. When you compare the 4.5 billion years our planet has been around to the almost 15 billion years the universe has been in existence, our 54 years of searching for intelligent civilizations beyond Earth doesn’t amount to much. In fact, it equals about a hundredth of a second on a 24-hour clock.
Also, advanced extraterrestrial societies have probably evolved far beyond radio communications by now. Recognizing signals from them might be comparable to a primitive tribe deep in the jungle listening for evidence of a larger world unable to pick up vast amounts of information from the Internet flying all around them. Even a radio signal from a civilization only slightly more advanced than us would be difficult to pick up. You’d have to be at the right frequency at the right time and be very lucky. Read More