Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mindfulness: The Portal Into Finding Your Purpose

[Finer Minds] Let’s face it, to “find your purpose” is a buzz phrase these days. In a society where we’re overworked, hyper-connected and stretched to the max, we’re beginning to viscerally realize that our daily rhythms aren’t sustainable. There’s been an increase in articles, books and TED talks focusing on the art of finding our true purpose in this lifetime. But what does this really mean?
First of all, as we embark on the journey of excavating our true purpose, there’s a need to shift from external to internal consciousness. As children, we were taught to look to parents, teachers, adults and society for direction on how to be in the world. But how much were we taught the art of attending to our internal landscapes?
This is where I possess a tremendous amount of gratitude for growing up in a hybrid Buddhist/Christian home. Witnessing my mother meditating at our ancestor’s shrine daily was a sacred gift I received as a child. Experiencing my father’s love and acceptance of Eastern spirituality while simultaneously following the path of his Presbyterian upbringing was the lesson of a lifetime. Without naming it mindfulness, presence was woven into the fabric of my daily life.
The beauty is, mindfulness is a tool we all can use to awaken ourselves to purposeful living, as we begin to cultivate that refuge within. Each mindful moment we infuse into our lives is a moment of transformation. First of ourselves, then, of those we interface with, and beyond. I mean, aren’t we all simply attempting, to the best of our ability as humans, to live meaningful lives full of joy, love and abundance?
Here, I lay out 3 ways to practice mindfulness as a portal into finding your purpose:
1. Align with the Heart
Your body holds the wisdom. Make it a practice to pause throughout your day, drop into the body and breathe through the heart chakra, this energy center where we give and receive love. Tuning into the emotional energy of the heart is key to sensing into what it would mean to align with wholehearted living.
Make a commitment to come into the present moment 3 times a day and breathe intentionally through the heartspace for 5 minutes each time. These three mini heart-centered meditations will begin to prime you for the work of purpose excavation. Read More