Sunday, October 27, 2019

Galactic Light and the Dark Star

[I AM America Newsletter, 10.27.2019] by Lori Toye
Golden Cities are unique locations that are present upon the Earth, right now, to help humanity spiritually liberate or Ascend at this important time. In this time of increased shadow and polarity there is nothing more important than your spiritual growth. Yes, it is time for humanity to move to a new level of evolution.
Use of the Golden Cities for Ascension
There are many different forms of Ascension. Some methods accelerate the transmutation of karmas. Others focus on purification of the body through yogic healing. Contemporary techniques focus on the cultivation of Group Mind and the power of the Mental Body. There are many methods that utilize Oneness, devotion, and Christ Consciousness, but one of the best techniques that is available in the Golden Age of Kali Yuga that culminates all of the above spiritual practices is the use of the Golden Cities.
The Galactic Center and Evolutionary Light
Golden Cities function through the sublime light of the Great Central Sun, also known as the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center emanates a quasar type of energy frequency. This energy is responsible for: life spans, overall memory function, and the ability to appreciate and comprehend spiritual knowledge and spiritual growth. Galactic Light streams to the Earth and is stepped-down onto our planet through three important planets: Mars, Jupiter, and our Sun. These planets are known as the Fire Triplicity.
Galactic Light Nourishes Life
This evolutionary light actually feeds every aspect of life on Earth. It drives technology and science, financial markets, new inventions and insights, and the overall quality of life on Earth. It controls the type of leadership in politics, the variety of healthy foods that are available, medicine and health, global weather and Earth Changes, times of war and conflict, and likewise, times of peace and harmony for humanity. Galactic Light is perhaps our most valuable and precious commodity.
The Sun's Twins
There are time periods when this valuable light is more present upon our Earth; and, times when it is minimal. Many of us have past life memories of splendid times of light, and have lived in cultures of tremendous spiritual Mastery. Also, we may have experienced past lifetimes when the Earth received very little Galactic Light spectrum, and our lives were quite short and filled with suffering. Earth’s reception to Galactic Light is predicated by Earth’s position to our binary Sun system. Yes, our Sun is a dual system of two stars. One of these stars is luminous and steadily arcs the evolutionary light from the Galactic Center. Another star is dead, containing no life whatsoever, and periodically obscures this light from flooding our Earth. This remarkable knowledge of cyclic Galactic Light is notably from Ancient Hindu teaching, but many other traditions address this natural phenomena through myth and story-telling. Even the biblical story of Noah is related to this important cycle.
When the dark star is positioned in front of our Sun’s reception of Galactic Light, there is a reduction of nourishing light on Earth. And when the Sun is positioned to fully receive Galactic Light, humanity flourishes. This is the science of both Dark Ages and Golden Ages. Currently we are living in the Golden Age of Kali Yuga. That means that currently we are only receiving a small percentage of Galactic Light (25%), but this light is also on the rise.
Magnify Galactic Light
Golden Cities regulate, magnify, and increase Galactic Light throughout their 51 locations worldwide. These are unique locations where you can actually increase your absorption of this invaluable light beyond 25%, and leverage this essential energy for your Ascension. Golden City Stars contain the highest condensation of Galactic Light frequencies. As you develop the “eyes to see, ears to hear,” you may actually see its unique Ray of Light and audibly hear celestial sounds. Throughout the years many have reported the sight of large beams of light connecting Heaven and Earth, or the songs of the Angelic Chorus--the sublime Music of the Spheres.
Spiritual Nutrition
Golden City Adjutant Points contain vital, condensed Galactic Light. The Galactic Light in these locations is easier to absorb as it is spiritually engineered to step-down dynamic energy into our evolving human lightfields. This means that the quality of this type of light is readily absorbed by us in our current state of evolution. The light in these locations is a type of super-dense spiritual nutrient.
Travel to a Golden City Adjutant Point or to a series of Golden City Points (a Spiritual Pilgrimage) is a remarkable remedial measure to adjust and cleanse karmas. Meditation, prayer, decree, and other spiritual practices in these powerful portals not only initiates the Ascension Process but begins to adjust your light fields and increases your ongoing reception to Galactic Light.
Undoubtedly, the world is in great need of increased light and your beginning steps help to accelerate a world of equity, freedom, service, Brotherhood, and love. The Time is Now!
Love and Blessings,
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