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Weather forecasters lost the battle for strict interference limits on 5G

[The Verge]Weather forecasters pushing for strict limits on 5G’s rapidly growing footprint were dealt a blow today by the World Radiocommunication Conference in Egypt. Delegates there voted to create a new international standard that places much looser limits on interference from 5G operating in a specific radio frequency that’s crucial to accurate weather forecasting. Meteorology experts worry that this decision could one day seriously impact their ability to forecast severe storms, leaving communities around the world vulnerable to extreme weather events.
Today’s decision is the culmination of a months-long turf battle between scientists and 5G proponents over the prized 24GHz radio frequency band. Telecommunications companies need to occupy higher frequencies, including that band, to reach the faster speeds 5G is supposed to offer. But by expanding their reach, they’re butting up against the frequency scientists use to study water vapor. Weather forecasters say there’s not much they can do to protect themselves if 5G winds up being a noisy neighbor since the water vapor molecules they track naturally emit a slight radio signal right around 24GHz.
After the ruling in Egypt today, “there is no solution,” Eric Allaix, chair of the World Meteorological Organization’s Steering Group on Radio Frequency Coordination, tells The Verge. Although the buildout of 5G is still in the works, once it replaces the current generation of mobile broadband, Allaix says, “We will not be able at that time to make the distinction between the observation of the earth and atmospheric radiation, and the interference coming from 5G.” Read More

Seed diversity is disappearing — and 3 chemical companies own more than half

Ten thousand years after humans became less nomadic and learned how to cultivate crops, veteran investigative journalist Mark Schapiro plunges into the struggle already underway for control of seeds, the ground-zero ingredient for our food. Three-quarters of the seed varieties on Earth in 1900 had become extinct by 2015. In "Seeds of Resistance," Schapiro takes us to the front lines of a struggle over the seeds that remain — a struggle that will determine the long-term security of our food supply in the face of unprecedented climate volatility.

[Salon] A seed story, like life, starts small and gets bigger.
In the mid-1990s, a letter arrived at a simple adobe-style office on a dusty lot on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona. The site, headquarters of Native Seeds/SEARCH, an organization which saves seeds native to the southwest, is little more than a couple of garden plots and a refrig­erator and freezer filled with indigenous seeds. Here you can find seeds that have inherited characteristics dating back as far as three-thousand years.
The letter came from a lawyer for the food company Frito Lay, known for its processed snack foods. It warned that one of Native Seeds/SEARCH’s best-selling products, Indian Parched Corn, was in violation of the Frito Lay trademark. Parched corn are chunky salted corn kernels that have been prepared for centuries by Hopi, Apache, and other tribes in Arizona and New Mexico. (A reminder to the non-botanical: kernels are in fact seeds, so when you eat corn you’re eating a corn seed.) The company lawyer demanded that Native Seeds/SEARCH immediately “cease and desist” using language equating the native corn with two words that had been trademarked by the company—Corn Nuts™.
The command arrived like a tragicomic bolt from the big-food universe. A multi-billion-dollar company was objecting to language used by a tiny seed saving enterprise promoting a seed that has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, long before Frito Lay was a phantasm in the mind of the first mass marketer of the potato chip, Herman Lay, in 1932. The parched corn comes in four and eight-ounce bags with yellow, blue, and red kernels, reflecting the diversity of some eight hundred different corn varieties, cultivated from the American southwest down to southern Mexico. It’s not as if the inhab­itants of this region had to go to Frito Lay to figure out how to make the tasty morsels made from dried corn kernels. They’ve been doing it for centuries, through an age-old practice of boiling (“parching”) the kernels, drying them and adding salt.
The main supplier to Native Seeds/SEARCH is the Santa Ana Pueblo in neighboring New Mexico, located about twenty-five miles from Albuquerque, home to a federally recognized tribe which dates its presence in the area to at least the sixteenth century. Talavai Denipah-Cook, a twenty-three-year-old Hopi woman who works as an ecologist on tribal lands and grew up in the Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, just north of Santa Fe, recalled to me in 2017 that she used to enjoy eating parched corn regularly as a kid. “They’re crunchy and delicious,” she said. They taste, well, like nuts made from corn.
No matter how well disguised the decorative packaging or how thoroughly they’ve been put through the additive grinder, the genes of the corn used by Frito Lay emanate from seeds that are relatives of the seeds that have been cultivated by indigenous Americans (North and South) for thousands of years. Generation upon generation of the region’s farmers ensured that the seeds’ genetic pool was preserved, and thus provided the foundational raw material for the company’s processed food concoctions.
The seed group could have responded by requesting that Frito Lay, itself a subsidiary of gigantic PepsiCo, express its gratitude for the centuries of corn cultivation by the peoples of what is now Mexico and the American Southwest.
That didn’t happen. Read More

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Praying Medic on Project Looking Glass: Qanon November 15, 2019 - Follow the Family

What Billy Meier told us about the Universe

[Medium] Billy Meier is a German Swiss, born on 3 February 1937 and will die in 2029 as told by the extraterrestrial beings who come from the Plejaren galaxy, which is about 450 light-years from the Earth.
Billy Meier met the extraterrestrial beings at an age of 5 for the first time. He was prophesied to loss one of his arms and it was later found truth after a car accident in Turkey at his twenties. He then met the extraterrestrial beings at a frequency of about 2 to 4 weeks. Till now, about 708 contact reports were made in Swiss German. The extraterrestrial beings told him that human beings have the same ancestors as they have. All beings in the universe in the form of spirits are undergoing evolution to become more God-like. They are more civilized as the average age of their spirits is 40 million years whereas the spirits of human beings on Earth are only 10 to 12 million years old.
Human beings on Earth mainly came from other planets about 300,000 years ago where the indigenous people of the Earth were less civilized and were killed by the foreigners. The extraterrestrial beings have their own language and alphabets which look like Hebrew, Sanskrit and ancient German. Their facial appearance looks like white Nordic or Caucasian. And, the Chinese races came to the Earth from another planet about 23,000 years ago. The Earth is the 9th planet that the Chinese races reside in this Milky Way.
In 1975, Billy was brought to a Mother Ship of the extraterrestrial beings parked at Saturn and he took some photos in negative films. It is 17 km in diameter with a capacity of 140,000 beings. There are also Immigration Ships which are 120 km in diameter with a capacity of 1 million. They are parked on orbitals and will be used to move 500 million people from one planet to another in 28 years in case disaster happens in a particular planet.
There are 7 trillion civilizations like human beings on Earth in the entire Universe. There are less than 4 million civilizations in our Milky Way.
The Henoch (Enoch in the English Bible) prophecies were told by Henoch verbally in 9538 BCE. Henoch, which means the Wise Man of Time or the Man who walks with God, lived on Earth from 9308 to 8942 BCE. Revelation in the Bible was the extract from the Henoch prophecies but was not recorded accurately due to verbal transmission. This is recorded in Billy Meier’s Contact Report No. 251. In this report, the prophecies from 1949 CE to 3600 CE are exemplified.
According to the Plejaren extraterrestrial beings, the best population that the Earth can sustain is only 529 million. But now the population is approaching 9 billion (much more than the official statistics) and disasters are inevitable. Read More

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Violence In Hong Kong Escalates As Protesters Are Declared Enemy Of The ...

The Sacred Shape of a Golden City: What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light

(This is an older article, but explains the physics of the Golden City shape, its science, and light refraction.)
[Cosmos Magazine] Imagine a shaft of yellow sunlight beaming through a window. Quantum physics tells us that beam is made of zillions of tiny packets of light, called photons, streaming through the air. But what does an individual photon “look” like? Does it have a shape? Are these questions even meaningful?
Now, Polish physicists have created the first ever hologram of a single light particle. The feat, achieved by observing the interference of two intersecting light beams, is an important insight into the fundamental quantum nature of light.
The result could also be important for technologies that require an understanding of the shape of single photons – such as quantum communication and quantum computers.
”We performed a relatively simple experiment to measure and view something incredibly difficult to observe: the shape of wavefronts of a single photon," says Radoslaw Chrapkiewicz, a physicist at the University of Warsaw and lead author of the new paper, published in Nature Photonics.
For hundreds of years, physicists have been working to figure out what light is made of. In the 19th century, the debate seemed to be settled by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell’s description of light as a wave of electromagnetism.
But things got a bit more complicated at the turn of the 20th century when German physicist Max Planck, then fellow countryman Albert Einstein, showed light was made up of tiny indivisible packets called photons.
In the 1920s, Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger elaborated on these ideas with his equation for the quantum wave function to describe what a wave looks like, which has proved incredibly powerful in predicting the results of experiments with photons. But, despite the success of Schrödinger’s theory, physicists still debate what the wave function really means.
Now physicists at the University of Warsaw measured, for the first time, the shape described by Schrödinger's equation in a real experiment.
Photons, travelling as waves, can be in step (called having the same phase). If they interact, they produce a bright signal. If they're out of phase, they cancel each other out. It's like sound waves from two speakers producing loud and quiet patches in a room.
The image – which is called a hologram because it holds information on both the photon's shape and phase – was created by firing two light beams at a beamsplitter, made of calcite crystal, at the same time.
The beamsplitter acts a bit like a traffic intersection, where each photon can either pass straight on through or make a turn. The Polish team’s experiment hinged on measuring which path each photon took, which depends on the shape of their wave functions.
For a photon on its own, each path is equally probable. But when two photons approach the intersection, they interact – and these odds change.
The team realised that if they knew the wave function of one of the photons, they could figure out the shape of the second from the positions of flashes appearing on a detector.
It’s a little like firing two bullets to glance off one another mid-air and using the deflected trajectories to figure our shape of each projectile.
Each run of the experiment produced two flashes on a detector, one for each photon. After more than 2,000 repetitions, a pattern of flashes built up and the team were able to reconstruct the shape of the unknown photon’s wave function.
(Above: Golden City Vortex shape depicted in the I AM America Map.)

The resulting image looks a bit like a Maltese cross, just like the wave function predicted from Schrödinger's equation. In the arms of the cross, where the photons were in step, the image is bright – and where they weren't, we see darkness. Read More

The Battle for America’s Soul: Ways to Combat Mind Control

(Note: this is part two of a two-part article on mind control. To read part one: Battle for Our Minds and Our Bodies.)
[Health Impact News] The more we participate in the mass consciousness lifestyle being marketed to Americans, the greater will be the influence of mind control programming in our lives. This means if we want to escape the mind control program of the ruling elite, then we must make conscious choices of when, where, and how we will allow ourselves to be exposed to the tools they are using to control us.
Mind controllers are working through the mainstream news media, education system, TV, movies, popular music, amusement parks, sports teams, internet, social media, computer games, pornography, and even some churches that support the agenda of the ruling elite. They are training us to accept a new world order where individual rights and even national sovereignty must give way to a one-world system of total control.
The agenda of the ruling elite is to establish a single world government, a single set of world laws, a single world court, a single world currency and economy, a single world education system, and a single world religion. They plan to bring down the world population from the current level of more than 7 billion people to a scant 500 million. In their new world order, all decisions will be made for us. In this system, there will be the ruling elite and a kind of slave class that serves them. To bring this about, they must give us a new worldview. This will require us to change how we think and to believe a large number of lies about every aspect of life.
My previous article discussed some of the most prevalent lies and the agenda of the ruling elite. It also discussed the history of mind control in America.
The tools that mind controllers are using become more powerful when they are used on people with weakened physical health and impaired brain functioning. Simply put, weak people are easier to infest with their system of lies and are easier to control.
They are weakening our physical health by making sure that we eat a high carbohydrate diet containing GMO ingredients, glyphosate, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and a host of food additives. They are weakening our ability to object to their plans by insisting that we drink water with fluoride to make us docile. They are weakening our brains with statin drugs and by prescribing more and more psychotropic pharmaceuticals to control our emotions and brain functioning. They are weakening our immune systems with vaccines and with constant exposure to high levels of stress and fear. They are weakening us with thousands of industrial chemicals which damage our endocrine systems so that couples will not desire to be parents or will simply become infertile. They are weakening us by drawing us into addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sugar, sports, or pornography. They are weakening our ability to smell the stench of deception and lies by surrounding us with a cloud of fragrances from perfume, cologne, scented candles, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and air fresheners. They are weakening us with the intensely addictive high-sugar, high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet so we can’t think clearly.
They are systematically disrupting and damaging the condition of our physical bodies to the point where our emotional functioning, our cognitive processing, our discernment of truth versus lies and our ability to resist their program are so weak that their worldview can slither into our brains like a well-greased snake.
The remaining sections of this article will examine some of the tools that mind controllers use to program us and will discuss how we can step out of the mind control trap that they have designed for us.
Today, mainstream media has completely locked up the truth and only presents the approved version of any news story. The approved versions of news stories almost always modify the facts or leave out important facts, a practice which serves the mind control agenda.
The result is that we must question every single thing we see and hear from mainstream media. Of course there is some truth, but the media spins, twists, colorizes, and polarizes every story to meet the goals of corporations and government, and the ruling elite who controls them. Truth is mixed with lies in such a way that it can be very difficult to separate truth from deception.
These are some guidelines that will help you discern the truth from the lies that are being presented by mainstream news, whether it is on TV, in the electronic media or in the newspapers.
  1. Minimize your exposure to mainstream news sources. Their presentation of information is designed to deceive and confuse us. TV news shows also bombard us with advertisement, which is a powerful form of mind control programming.
  1. Don’t rely on a single conventional media source for your news. Use several alternative media services instead.
  1. Don’t watch non-stop news programming or read newspaper articles without stopping to think about the news. Non-stop news programming prevents us from thinking about what we have been told. Conventional news networks keep on firing news bits and ads at us as fast as they can shovel them out so that we don’t have time to think. I recommend taking in news in a way that you can control the flow. For example, you could sign-up for e-mail news feeds, or go to an online newspaper and read only the headlines. This will tell you about the big picture that is going on in the world. Of course even this strategy will still expose you to lies and deceptions, but there will be fewer of them to counteract.
  1. Whenever you do watch a news show or read an article in the print media, I recommend reflecting on a series of questions.
  • What is it that the media wants me to believe?
  • Why do they want me to believe this?
  • Who will benefit if I adopt this belief?
  • What freedom will I lose if I believe them?
  • What freedom will I retain if I don’t believe their stories?
In order to answer these types of questions, you will need to take some time to think about what you are being told. You may need to do internet research to go deeper into the topic.
You should also be aware that TV hardware technology itself, the use of visual images, and the style of the verbal presentation is carefully designed to ease your brain into a passive state of receptivity when you watch any kind of TV show. As a result, when you watch the news, you are much more likely to believe the lies and half-truths that they call the news. Read More

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The Hong Kong Protesters Aren’t Driven by Hope

The government shut down many of the subway lines that day, a practice that has become a de facto curfew, because Hong Kong’s über-efficient subway system is the way most people get around. No matter; the protesters ended up walking, sometimes a lot, and I walked with them, asking some of the same questions I had asked for months: Do you think you will continue protesting? What would it take for you to stop?
One of the most popular chants in Hong Kong is “Five demands, not one less.” These include the full withdrawal of the anti-extradition bill, which originally sparked the protests in June; an independent commission to investigate police misconduct; retracting the riot charges against protesters; amnesty for arrested protesters; and, crucially, universal suffrage.
Nothing animates the Hong Kongers I’ve been talking with as much as that final demand. Yesterday, the police shot one protester in the stomach at point-blank range, and another police officer drove into the protesters with his motorcycle, weaving into the crowd to circle back again. Later in the day, Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, gave a press conference and, in chilling language, called the protesters the “enemy of the people.” She was voted into office by 777 people from the 1,200-person “Election Committee,” many of whose members are businesspeople with close ties to mainland China. It’s fair to describe her as handpicked by Beijing. Polls in October showed her popularity around 22 percent, with just over one in 10 Hong Kongers saying that they would vote for her voluntarily. No wonder the protesters want the right to elect their own leaders. Read More

Cancer Loves Sugar? 3 Things to Think About...

Battle for Our Minds and Our Bodies Part 1

[John P. Thomas for Health Impact News] One of the earliest mind control and propaganda experts was Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud who is considered to be the father of modern psychology. He used psychological principles to intentionally manipulate people to buy products.
During the administration of President Woodrow Wilson he helped promote the idea that U.S. efforts in World War I were intended to bring democracy to Europe. On the surface, his business was public relations, but underneath the surface, his business was propaganda and mind control.
The writings of Bernays were extensively used in the 1920s by Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda for the German Third Reich, to elevate Hitler to power. [1, 2]
The Nazis in Germany relied on an extensive program of mind control to get the public to accept Hitler’s plan to fund the war effort. The propaganda machine convinced people that it was reasonable and desirable to exterminate disabled children and adults, and to exterminate pastors who objected to what Hitler was doing. Step by step the mind control program unfolded until the population became willing to exterminate Jews, Gypsies, Poles, and other ethnic groups who had been vilified as the cause of Germany’s economic troubles.
After Germany was defeated, the United States government became concerned that the rich storehouse of German scientists might be taken to Russia where they would develop technology that could be used against the United States. To avoid this potential problem, hundreds of German scientists were brought to the United States in a program called Project Paper Clip. [3]
In addition to the hundreds of Nazi scientists with aerospace and weapons expertise, hundreds of mind control specialists were integrated into the scientific and university communities throughout the United States. These mind control specialists helped reshape the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and developed the MK Ultra program. [4]
Experimentation on adults and children was carried out by the MK Ultra program to see how the human mind could be broken into parts and reprogrammed to commit immoral acts and crimes without conscious memory of the events. The MK Ultra program was managed by the CIA and by secret military intelligence programs.
MK Ultra scientists used LSD and other mind altering drugs, electroshock therapy, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, physical torture with intense pain, sexual shaming, sexual mutilation, and rape to destroy the original personality and to create a compartmentalized set of identities in the same person that could perform tasks and then be unaware of what they had done. People who were broken in this way were turned into sex slaves for the ruling elite, into couriers for illegal drugs, and into assassins. [5, 6, 7]
Children were also victimized by MK Ultra operatives and were raised under direct control of the MK Ultra system and Satanists. [8] The handlers of both children and adults maintained watch over them and used them for decades. Victims were expendable — if their programming failed and they started to remember, then they would be killed to prevent them from sharing what they knew.
The U.S. government would like us to believe that the several decade long period of mind control research ended when the U.S. senate instructed the CIA to disband MK Ultra in 1977. [9] However, the trafficking of children into mind control programs did not end, it just went further underground. Drug companies are now continuing the MK Ultra program by their experimentation on children and adults. They are developing the exact kinds of drugs that CIA officials described in a 1955 wish list, which can be used to control how we think and how we remember. [10]
Experimentation on the brains of adults made another leap forward into public respectability in 2013 when President Obama announced the creation of his 12 year BRAIN Initiative to decode the functioning of the human brain. It will establish technology to control brain functioning at many different levels. [11] The emphasis on controlling the minds of individuals is being paired with an even larger program of mind control, which has the goal of controlling the minds of everyone in America to create a kind of New World Order. [12]
MK Ultra mind control is horrible, yet there is another form of mind control that is part of every aspect of modern life. It is equally destructive to human life. It enslaves people by causing them to believe lies promoted by government, corporations, and the media. This kind of mind control is made possible by participating in certain activities and consuming certain products, which numb the senses, dull the thinking, and paralyze the will. [13]
Mind control programs that are being directed toward the entire population don’t have publically known names, such as MK Ultra, Monarch, or Artichoke, but they are just as powerful. They destroy free and independent thinking. They are designed to undermine the Christian worldview and to replace it with one that serves a small group of highly influential members of the ruling elite. Their mind control techniques are designed to make people doubt the Bible, forget God, deny the true causes of chronic illness in America, and to distrust all forms of healthcare except the drugs and other treatments provided by conventional allopathic physicians.
I remember my grandmother telling me about how she interacted with the CBS evening news anchor Walter Cronkite from her livingroom. For those who do not know of Walter Cronkite, he was one of the most famous TV journalists and perhaps one of the most trusted men in America in the 1960s and 1970s. He read the news on the CBS TV network each evening Monday through Friday from 1962 through 1981.
In the 1960s, Walter Cronkite sat behind a desk and read the news from sheets of paper, while the sound of a teletype machine clattered in the background. A teletype machine was like a typewriter that printed news stories that were being sent to the news desk from the Associated Press and other news outlets.
When Walter Cronkite came to the end of the news show, he would dramatically deliver his signature sign-off statement. He would always make the same statement followed by the date. He would say, “And that’s the way it is, Friday, January first, 1963.” This would be followed by a several second closing ceremony. He would silently close the show by pensively looking down at the sheets of paper that he had just read as he organized them into a neat pile while the teletype machine clattered in the background. The show was over when he finished shuffling his papers.
Every time my grandmother would hear him say “And that’s the way it is,” she would talk right back to him and say, “And that’s the way you say it is.” She told me one time that she wasn’t sure why she said it, but she just didn’t like anyone telling her that this is the way it is.
Today, it’s not just national news shows that are telling us the way it is, but every information source in our society. It is our education system, mainstream media sources, print journalism, films, music, and our government. There is more misinformation and outright lies being communicated than there is truth.
The lies and disinformation that are being planted into the minds of Americans are enhanced when we consume the standard American diet, fluoridated water, use vaccines, use psycho-active pharmaceutical drugs, use statin drugs, and allow ourselves to be exposed to immune system suppressing substances such as those contained in glyphosate laden food, genetically modified food, and food containing antibiotics, preservatives, pesticides, and numerous other additives. When we add in excitotoxins and endocrine disrupting chemicals found in flavor enhancers, artificial fragrances, and chemicals from plastic packaging materials, a long-term pattern of physical imbalance, lethargy, apathy, confusion and disorientation is created.
In the beginning, these effects may be subtle, but over time they have a profound effect on our ability to think clearly. Once the human brain is compromised through the combined effects of all these elements, people become highly susceptible to believing all manner of lies. Current day mind control programs constantly bombard the U.S. population with hundreds of lies about every aspect of life to create a worldview that matches the beliefs of those who are trying to program our minds.
These mind control programs occupy center stage in every aspect of our society. Our minds and our bodies are under constant attack, so that we can become virtual slaves to certain groups of people who I will simply call the ruling elite. As modern slaves, we are to obey the ruling elite by submitting to their plans, which are promoted by corporations and government agencies, which always claim to have our best interests at heart. Read More

The Big Picture of Collective Consciousness

"The earth is reflective of the collective consciousness, it reacts to the frequencies and energies we submit. We already are determining the planets health but just a small percentage of the population are aware of it, but if we all heighten our consciousness we can make it a healthier planet."
 ― Jason Michael Ratliff

 [Psychologenie] In order to understand the concept of collective consciousness or conscience, you need to accept the fact that we, as humans, are all one, a small part of the whole. In fact, we are not just one, but we are all interconnected and interrelated. Each one of our actions and thoughts forms a part of our karma as well as others'. When we share a collection of common ideas, morals, attitudes, and beliefs, we, as a society, are bound together in a strong force.
  • The term 'collective consciousness' was introduced by the French sociologist, Emile Durkheim, in 1893, in his book The Division of Labor in Society.
  • He stated that, The totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of a society forms a determinate system with a life of its own. It can be termed the collective or creative consciousness.
  • In simpler terms, we can say that a collection of common beliefs and ideas strengthens our bond as a group, as a society, and acts as a major component towards uniting us for a particular goal.
  • It emphasizes the fact that our thinking, our shared faith can contribute towards the collective goodness of the world, our helping someone affects their future existence, somehow, someplace, in a way that we may or may not be aware of.
  • In modern society, this term may refer to many instances, and one of the primary medium of this concept is the media.
  • The common public is so influenced by what is mentioned in the newspapers, on the radio, or shown on television, that they begin to have similar ideas and views about a particular incident or event. Eventually, the media plays a role in projecting a viewpoint, and this, whether in a good light or bad, unites people.
   Nature offers some of the best instances of this concept. A universally-known and discussed example is that of ants. Observe them carefully, and you will find that they always live together in colonies, doing their little bit for the group. However, if you separate and relocate a portion of the colony, they will perform the same tasks at the same time as their brethren. This can be dismissed as a coincidence, yet, you can try out an experiment. Drop a food crumb that is too large to be carried by a single ant, and do this to an ant that is distanced from the rest of the colony. You will observe that the other ants will come and help, immediately. Do it simultaneously with a colony that is divided and separated, and both colonies will respond simultaneously to their particular relative who needs help. How did they know about the food? About their colony member wanting help? Was it the smell of the food? Telepathy? Many believe this is a glimpse of collective consciousness in action.

Positive Thinking
     Acceptance of the power of positive thinking brings you one step closer to collective consciousness. This reflects the law of attraction: Every moment of every day, each of us adds to and affects the balance of the collective. Remember that negative vibes lead to negative energy, and whatever negative you think might happen some day. Similarly, a simple act of kindness could be the medium to make you happy one day. It all depends on how you think, and how your positive energy affects people around you. In fact, it reportedly has so much power that you would begin to perceive things in a positive light even if the actual scenario says something different. This in turn, spreads around collectively, influencing people to believe that whatever happens, happens for the best, and for a reason.

Healing Power
     When you are sick or diagnosed with a chronic illness, there are viable positive steps to overcome these setbacks, and this is where collective consciousness can really benefit all. A great mind will realize this fact: We can truly overcome all the illnesses by simply changing our mind, when the masses get behind a movement. It might sound foolish and sentimental, may be even dramatic, but we can all get well without subjecting our bodies to severe poisons, chemicals, drugs, surgery, etc. When we believe it, and put this great force into action. Depending on how the mind believes, we can either directly manifest illness or perfect health. Probably, this is how certain chronic ailments have been miraculously cured through the ages. Perhaps it works like this: Let's say, a number of people in a room or circle, believe in a particular man or woman. They channel the "collective consciousness" through their bodies, and into the diseased individual, causing a drastic "turnaround". Let's start, as a collective consciousness, to put this energy / power into practice―That we are only limited to our imagination, and we can all achieve enlightenment instantly. Start believing that you will overcome all your problems, and truly wish that for others.

Unknown Predictions
     This kind of collective thinking can be attributed to telepathy, or common feelings regarding a particular incident. Sometimes, we make prophecies and without even realizing how, we see them come true. There have been true incidents reported by people worldwide, about how they had a strong feeling about impending disasters, and how they eventually come true later. A couple of instances can be dismissed as being mere coincidences, but when it has been told to occur often, it compels us to wonder how those people might have had such dreams or visions that came true later. Does it mean that they were wanting such bad things to happen? Wanting people to die? To suffer? Certainly not. It is attributed to collective consciousness, a strong sixth sense, that is commonly shared. It is because we are all connected through a telepathic thought process. Read More

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Everything Burns

[Joan Summers for Jezebel] I can’t remember when the rains stopped. Like the wildfires, flooding in my rural California suburb was a fact of life. Our house bordered the levy that kept the river at bay, and my elementary school was perched at the bottom of the foothills in a narrow valley—the place where rain water would congregate, like the kids in rain boots who’d spend the morning splashing from one class to the next. But then, for no reason I could identify at the time, they stopped. By the time I left college, it hadn’t flooded in years.
It’s the little changes I noticed most. While I had plenty of experience driving in the rain, my little sister did not. She crashed her car her junior year, during a storm drenched Tuesday morning. Nobody was seriously injured, except, maybe, her shattered sense of how the world was supposed to work.
For my peers, our entire adult lives have been defined by this proximity to disaster, which turned the annual fire season into a full-time experience. When we are not actively running from an incoming fire, we are anxiously laughing about when the “Big One” will hit, or wondering when the Ace Hardware down the street will re-stock their air filters. The despondent pose for their weddings while fires consume the livelihoods of thousands of people in the distance. Most kids now probably don’t know what a California rainstorm feels like. Their more pressing concern is reminding their parents to pack an extra safety mask before catching the bus.
But in reality, none of this feels new. These experiences were exacerbated by the fact I grew up in the California where endless valleys hurtle up into mountains, which just as quickly drop straight into the sea. It’s also cliche to note that living in California is to live amongst disaster, as writers like Joan Didion, John McPhee and Clare Vaye Watkins have chronicled. Consider my grandparents, who’ve lived their whole lives in a cabin on one of those mountains.
My grandparents sat in this same uneasy balance: living in a teetering A-frame on the side of the Santa Cruz Mountains that’s eroding from storm-induced landslides; or burning down from fires; or occasionally having bits tumble down into the forest below after earthquakes. Large sections of my grandparents’ house fell off during the 1989 earthquake—the same earthquake which caused a rogue fire to sweep their hillside during an unusually hot October afternoon. The cabin survived, but the lesson remains: To live in California is to live on the edge of the future, but also of the world. For my grandparents, not knowing what tomorrow would bring was the only thing that could be known at all. Read More

Planetary News from Komilla Sutton

[Komilla Sutton] November is an important month as Jupiter changes into Sagittarius. Jupiter had a short transit in Sagittarius in April 2019, but now it is returning to complete the process. It will bring many changes in its wake. Mars is in an erratic dance with Mercury and Venus. Sun is debilitated for half the month and powerful the other half.

Key Dates in November are: 
  • 31st October to November 8th – Jupiter in gandanta first in Scorpio and then in Sagittarius. Unsettled.
  • 4th – Jupiter moves into Sagittarius
  • 6th to 7th – Mercury retrogrades back to Libra
  • 10th - Mars goes into Libra
  • 11th – Transit of Mercury across the face of Sun in Libra
  • 12th – Kartik Purnima – Full Moon Kartik Purnima Festival
  • 16th - Sun into Scorpio. All-day Sankranti
  • 20th – Venus moves to Sagittarius and is gandanta for the day
  • 24th to 25th – Jupiter Venus in war
  • 25th to 26th – Amavasya – dark Moon. The new moon in Anuradha Nakshatra, Scorpio on 26th.
NOTE: All timing is for California/West Coast PST.

Jupiter's Transformation in Sagittarius

Jupiter herald winds of change as it moves into Sagittarius. Jupiter had a short dip into Sagittarius in April 2019, and now it will have a longer transit in Sagittarius. Usually Jupiter remains in one sign for one year; however this year it will rush through Sagittarius to 29 March 2020 and then goes into Capricorn till 29 June. The first two months of the Jupiter Retrograde are very unsettled as Jupiter re-configures that landscape. We can expect political changes. Jupiter makes transitions easy, but they are no less impactful.
I will write about the significant Jupiter connections in the future monthly news.
The key dates are:
  • 31 Oct to 8 Nov - Jupiter in Gandanta
  • 4 Nov 19 to 29 March 20 – Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • 26 Dec – Jupiter conjuncts the Sun during a solar eclipse
  • 6 Jan – Jupiter Ketu conjunction
  • 10 Jan – Jupiter opp the lunar eclipse
  • 29 March to 29 June 20 – Jupiter in Capricorn
  • 14 May to 12 Sept – Jupiter Retrograde
  • 29 June to 19 Nov – Jupiter in Sagittarius
There is Hamsa Mahapurusha for success and empowerment – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces experience it. Sagittarius will feel the positive impact of Jupiter after the extended Saturn influence. Pisces can expect career success and opportunities during this transit.
The main thing to remember is that the transit does not start easily, it is going to create changes and bring a new type of energy and thinking into our lives and we begin to feel it after January lunar eclipse and Ketu Jupiter conjunction. Read More


Spies, Propaganda, Censorship & the Origins of the Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation

[Edith Hathaway] This is not breaking news. It has been out there in independent media for several years, but you may not have heard it.  The conspiracy against Donald Trump began from at least 2015 onward and used the combined powers of the DOJ (U.S. Dept. of Justice), the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the NSA (National Security Agency), and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to run a counterintelligence operation against a presidential candidate, also using foreign intelligence agencies.  Their allies were the leftist mainstream media, also known as the DNC (Democratic National Committee) Media Complex.  But even earlier, from 2012 onward, the Obama administration spied on its political opponents through illegal access to the NSA data base. 
The FISA Court (established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) became aware of it just days before the 2016 election.  In a hearing Oct. 26, 2016, the FISA Court learned the full extent of the Obama administration’s widespread and illegal spying, informed by U.S. Navy Admiral Mike Rogers, then NSA Director. They repeatedly broke the FISA Court’s strict rules against unmasking U.S. citizens, then leaked information to the press. This began in 2012 and possibly earlier, escalating in 2015-2016 prior to the Nov. 2016 Presidential Election.  What the FISA Court calls a “very serious violation of the Fourth Amendment” also involved the misuse of a supercomputer program called THE HAMMER. It was invented by Dennis Montgomery, a former NSA/CIA contractor.  The program could breach secure computer systems and collect massive amounts of data, but was never intended to be used on innocent U.S. citizens.
Previously, on Aug. 19, 2015, Dennis Montgomery turned whistleblower. He delivered to then-FBI Director James Comey 47 hard drives with 600 million pages of documents proving conclusively that Donald Trump was a particular target and was being wiretapped “zillions of times.” Further, it was clear from his evidence that the Obama Administration under John Brennan (CIA Director) and James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence) was illegally spying on millions of Americans, their phone calls, emails, texts, chat sessions, and bank accounts. The collected data was used as leverage against them.  Montgomery tried to bring this to the attention of key members of Congress, but to no avail.  The intelligence agencies were spying on Donald Trump, his many businesses, his family and associates as well as on other influential Americans, including 159 judges, among them FISA Court judge Reggie Walton and Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Antonin Scalia.  (Coincidentally, Chief Justice Roberts cast a mysterious last-minute vote in favor of Obamacare on June 25, 2015, when he had previously opposed it.  Justice Scalia died on Feb. 13, 2016 at a remote and exclusive resort in Texas. A Justice of the Peace said he “died of natural causes,” though no coroner, medical expert, or homicide police detectives examined the body.) Read More