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Shungite as a 5G Protection

[Shungite C-60]The large-scale spread of cellular communication requires an unambiguous sanitary and hygienic assessment. Perhaps the existing regulations that regulate the impact of EMF in Russia and other countries of the world, created by cellular communication systems, do not adequately reflect the essence of the changes. In addition, they are increasingly controversial and contradictory in a number of their provisions.
In the official medical information field, it is believed that the only visible negative effect of exposure to EMF radiation is simply the heating of body tissues. This opinion is based on research by the cancer center Moreover, it is currently claimed that no other side effects allegedly do not exist.
However, a group of electromagnetic field physicists skeptical of the new mobile communication standard. As a result, a special website was created. It’s – Back in 2015, they published a press release, according to which mobile transmitters can increase the risk of cancer, cell stress and have a devastating effect on genes, as well as blunt memory and people’s ability to learn.
Similarly, they published a study last 2018 in which they prove that exposure to radiation produces heart cancer in rats.
Thus, at present, the public is increasingly concerned about the situation with electromagnetic radiation. And all the more people fear spread of networks fifth generation.
For example, a New York State Senator James F. Gaughran (5th District) wrote an open letter on July 23, 2019 to The Federal Communications Commission. They asked to study the impact of 5G on human health. He pointed to people’s concerns about the massive and ubiquitous construction of new generation of mobile networks around homes. After all, high frequency waves can negatively affect the health of the population. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the influence of 5G frequency transmission stations on living organisms. In addition, to research a effective ways to 5G protection.
An essential feature of 5G is that it requires a wide range of frequencies, depending on the application and the surrounding conditions. The higher the frequency range, the higher the data rate it can provide.
However, the ultrahigh frequency signal quickly fades out. Therefore, the transmission radius does not exceed a couple of hundred meters. In addition, the walls of buildings – an insurmountable barrier to such a signal. So, the higher the frequency, the more transmitters have to be installed.
With low frequencies, the situation is reversed. The signal is more stable and is transmitted over long distances, but speed suffers. That is why for the widespread introduction of 5G networks and their normal operation of a single frequency band is not enough.
The frequency spectrum for 5G can be divided into three groups, depending on what the networks will be used for.
  • The first group is the range below 2 GHz. The range of the transmitter can reach several kilometers. However, the maximum data rate is not more than 100 Mbit / s. Suitable for covering larger areas, provides a stable signal indoors. Applicable for mass machine-to-machine communication (mMTS), the Internet of things, because they do not generate very large amounts of traffic but requires ultra-reliable connection and low latency.
  • The second group – the middle range, or the so-called C-Band, with a frequency of 2 to 6 GHz. The range from a few hundred meters to 1-2 km, Provides a relatively stable signal indoors and the high-speed data transmission. This range is considered optimal for 5g network coverage of the urban environment. Suitable for the Internet of things and machine-to-machine communication, as well as for user applications that do not require high data rates.
  • The third group – ultrahigh frequencies above 6 GHz. It uses wide frequency bands and provides a large bandwidth. Suitable for services that require high data rates, up to 20 Gbit / s – 3D video, augmented reality, holographic communication, tactile Internet and so on. However, the range of the signal-within the line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver – is not more than 200 meters. In addition, the signal does not pass through walls, and is damped by certain weather conditions, such as rain. That is why the full development of this segment requires a high density of transmitters. based on these data we can assume that the more such sensors will be installed the stronger and more stable will be EMF.
This fact should not be left out and probably requires more modern approaches in the field of 5G protection. Scientific studies in many countries have confirmed the ability of Shungite to protect against EMF of different nature. Probably in the future, shungite stone will be the basis for creating an effective defense against the new problems of modern man.
Most countries for the development of fifth-generation networks allocate different frequency spectra-both below 6 GHz and above. In 2015, during the world Radiocommunication conference (WRC-15), countries agreed on the allocation of frequencies for 5G in the spectrum up to 6 GHz. The European Union has defined a range of 3.4-3.8 GHz; South Korea-3.4-3.7 GHz; Australia-3.4-3.7 GHz. Distinguished Japan and China: they decided to develop two spectra below 6 GHz. Japan – 3.6-4.2 GHz and 4.4-4.9 GHz. China-3.3-3.6 GHz and 4.8-5 GHz.
In turn, the US in the development of 5G generally apart. The root frequency range of the fifth-generation networks will make ultrahigh frequencies. The US has already held two auctions for 5g band frequencies above 6GHz. Spectrum frequencies of 24 GHz and 28 GHz were sold. Later this year, it is planned to hold auctions for three more bands of ultrahigh frequencies: 37, 39 and 47 GHz. It is also known about auctions for three more bands of ultrahigh frequencies: 37, 39 and 47 GHz.
USA President Donald Trump has stated that the US must secure global leadership in the construction of 5G networks. and progress is evident: by the end of 2019, the country will have as many fifth-generation frequency spectra as there are nowhere else in the world.
EMF and 5G protection.
Many scientific studies on point to potential oxidative damage caused by EMF radiation. Above all, oxidative stress is associated with many chronic diseases. They created a call to the UN on July 22, 2019, which was supported by 248 scientists from almost fifty countries. Scientists urgently need to reconsider the essence of the impact that 4G and 5G telecommunication technologies have on people and the environment.
At the moment, to reduce the risk of radiation exposure, it is necessary to spend less time near the sources of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. Or you need to take breaks during work and move away from them.
In General, the meaning of harm from EMF and 5G radiation is the formation of free radicals in humans and animals. In turn, they are formed in large numbers as a result of exposure to high frequency waves. Ultimately, free radicals harm the body. However, get rid of them or reduce their number can be with the help of antioxidants.
Therefore, foods that contain antioxidants will be useful. These include, for example: almonds, broccoli, cherries, eggs, kiwi, cabbage, oranges, pumpkin seeds, salmon and others.
At the same time, there is another way to combat the negative effects of radiation in the form of free radicals. This is capable of a molecule of carbon rare round shape-fullerene C60. These Nanoparticles size of 1.6-1.8 nm and can very quickly associate radicals and neutralize their harmful effects.
Also, back in 2005 about this property buckyballs clearly stated Thomas Jefferson of University Hospital scientific research: “Researchers Find Nanoparticle Shows Promise in Reducing Radiation Side Effects”.
A group of American scientists has shown that microscopic molecules of carbon C60 can protection normal tissues from exposure to radiation.
The fullerene C 60 nanoparticle was discovered accidentally in 1978 by laser irradiation of graphite.
Scientists gave the molecule the name of buckminsterfullerene or the buckyball in honor of the American architect Buckminster Fuller. They did so because of the similarity of the shape of the molecule (because it looks like a football) and the domes of the buildings that were built by this artist.
The buckyball formed on Earth after lightning strikes, as a result of burning natural gas. For industrial use, C 60 was mined by burning graphite rods. It should be noted that the synthesis of fullerene is expensive. Also, these nanoparticle was found in space.  
In the natural state, these round nanoparticles are contained only in the natural stone shungite. A Deposit of ancient mineral exists in the only place in the world in Russia in the Republic of Karelia. In addition, shungite exists in two forms. It is a variety of elite shungite, which has a pure carbon content of 98%. As a result, the content of fullerenes C60 is at the maximum level. Also, it is the second variation of the black classic with a content of fullerenes C60 about 30%. How the process of neutralization of free radicals can be found in our special article about the unique properties of shungite.
Thus, the transition to 5G technology promises the development of the “Internet of things” and a breakthrough in the field of unmanned transport. Whoever makes this transition will be the market leader and will also have access to the data set.
So, our generation will witness this great technology race. And as public dependence on electrical devices increases, it’s important for us to understand the potential risk and find ways to 5G protection ourselves.

Are 5G Towers Really More Dangerous?

[Electric Sense]Are 5G towers more dangerous than the previous cell towers? What can we do? In this guest post, Lois Cadwallader explores the dangers and what we can do individually and collectively to protect ourselves.
Are 5G towers more dangerous than what? 2G? 3G? 4G?
Since the shelf life of 2G has pretty much expired, and there is already a phase-out program for 3G, so we’ll limit this discussion to 4G and 5G cell towers.
Just so that we understand what we are talking about, the “tower” is the structure upon which the antennas are attached. The antennas that transmit and receive are the real culprit here. But cell tower is the popular term, so I’ll go with that.
Why are cell tower antennas the real culprit?
Because they receive and transmit a form of electromagnetic field called radio frequency radiation or microwave radiation.
Thousands of studies link radio frequency radiation of the type emitted by cell towers to many serious and chronic diseases including:
  • cancer (see article on cell tower radiation cancer link)
  • brain tumors
  • chronic fatigue
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • breast cancer
  • depression
  • various childhood cancers
  • depression
  • autism
  • heart disease
  • infertility
  • miscarriage and suicide
  • and more….
The World Health Organization has classified cell tower type radiation exposures as a ‘possible Class 2B carcinogen’.
In many ways cell towers are an invisible danger—despite literally towering over some neighborhoods it’s as if many people don’t see them.
But neither 4G nor 5G cell towers have been proven safe and there have been no long-term studies on any of this technology.
Yet, there are specific reasons for heightened concern over 5G towers because some of the technology involved is quite different from the previous generation. Read More

New Studies Indicate Exposure to Fluoride Affects IQ of Infants, Sleep Patterns

Fluoride exposure may be associated with changes in the pineal gland which affect sleep cycle regulation among older adolescents, according to new research from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Another study published in the journal Environment International found that exposing infants to increasing levels of fluoride in tap water may result in diminished non-verbal intellectual abilities, with a stronger effect found among formula-fed children.
These two studies are only the latest research produced in recent years which call into question the safety of water fluoridation.
The Mount Sinai team examined data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey looking for adolescents who had measurable amounts of fluoride in their water and plasma. The researchers were investigating the relationships between fluoride exposure and self-reported sleep patterns. The researchers state that their study is the first to explore the connection between fluoride and sleep patterns in humans or animals. A sample of adolescents at an average age of 17 who live in the United States was used for the study due to the nation’s water fluoridation program.
While fluoride has been regarded as a major public health achievement, the toxin accumulates in the pineal gland where melatonin is produced, according to the researchers. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle.
The high accumulation of fluoride in pineal gland hydroxyapatite (among those chronically exposed) points to a plausible mechanism by which fluoride may influence sleep patterns. In adults, pineal gland fluoride concentrations have been shown to strongly correlate with degree of pineal gland calcification,” explained the authors. “Interestingly, greater degree of pineal calcification among older adolescents and/or adults is associated with decreased melatonin production, lower REM sleep percentage, decreased total sleep time, poorer sleep efficiency, greater sleep disturbances and greater daytime tiredness.
The study also found that water fluoride concentrations were associated with higher odds of reports of snorting, gasping, or stopping breathing while sleeping at night. The higher water fluoride concentrations may be associated with frequent daytime sleepiness as well as an association with a later bedtime by 24 minutes and a later morning wake time by 26 minutes. Read More

The Christ of India

[OCOY] At the time of Jesus of Nazareth there were two major currents or sects within Judaism: the Pharisees and the Sadducees. The Pharisees were extremely concerned with strict external observance of their interpretation of the Mosaic Law, ritual worship, and theology. The Sadducees, on the other hand, were very little concerned with any of these and tended toward a kind of genteel agnosticism. Today these two groups might be compared with the Orthodox and the Reformed branches of Judaism respectively.
There was also a third sect which both was and was not part of Judaism. They were the Essenes, whose very name means “the Outsiders.” (“Essene” is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew Chitsonim–“the outsiders.” Since Philo and other Jewish historians used “Essene” in writing about them, that has become the common usage.) Whether they chose this name for themselves or whether it was applied to them by the disdainful Pharisees and Sadducees is not known. But that they were incongruent (even incompatible) to the normal life of Israel at that time is certainly known.
Jesus of Nazareth was an Essene, as were most of his followers, including the twelve Apostles. When Jesus said “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18), the word used in the Greek text of the Gospels is ecclesia, which literally means “the called out” or “the separated” in the sense of “the aliens.” It is not far-fetched, then, to wonder if the correct translation should not be: “I will establish My Essenes.” Many elements distinguished and even separated the Essenes from the rest of Israel.
Their claims about their very existence was certainly a controversial matter. For the Essenes averred that Moses had created them as a secret fraternity within Judaism, with Aaron and his descendants at their head. The prophet Jeremiah was a Master of the Essenes, and it was in his lifetime that they ceased to be a secret society and became a public entity. From that time many of the Essenes began living in communities. Isaiah and Saint John the Baptist were also Masters of the Essenes. Their purpose was to follow a totally esoteric religious philosophy and practice that was derived from the Egyptian Mysteries.
As the grandson of the Pharaoh, Moses had been an initiate of those mysteries and destined to ultimately become the head of the Egyptian religion. It was common in Egypt for the eldest son of the Pharaoh to inherit the throne, and the next eldest son to be made the head of the Egyptian religion. Although Moses was the only son of the Pharaoh’s daughter, he was adopted and his bloodline was not known. For this reason he could not be Pharaoh, but he could be put into the position usually given to the second son. The Egyptian Mysteries were themselves derived from the religion of India: Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Religion. Because of this the Essenes had always maintained some form of contact and interchange with India–a fact that galled their fellow Israelites. Regarding this, Alfred Edersheim, in his nineteenth century classic The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, wrote: “Their fundamental tendency was quite other than that of Pharisaism, and strongly tinged with Eastern elements.”
The reality of this contact with India is shown in the Zohar (2:188a-b), a compilation of ancient Jewish mystical traditions and the major text of the Jewish Kabbalah. It contains the following incident regarding the knowledge of an illumined rabbi concerning the religion of India and the Vedic religious rite known as the sandhya, which is an offering of prayers at dawn and sunset for enlightenment.
“Rabbi Yose and Rabbi Hiyya were walking on the road. While they were walking, night fell; they sat down. While they were sitting, morning began to shine; they rose and walked on. Rabbi Hiyya said, ‘See, the face of the East, how it shines! Now all the children of the East [in India], who dwell in the mountains of light [the Himalayas], are bowing down to this light, which shines on behalf of the sun before it comes forth, and they are worshipping it.…Now you might say: ‘This worship is in vain!’ but since ancient, primordial days they have discovered wisdom through it.”
Their contact and interchange with Indian religion–Brahminical practices in particular–were manifested in several ways among the Essenes:
1. They practiced strict non-violence.
2. They were absolute vegetarians and would not touch alcohol in any form. Nor would they eat any food cooked by a non-Essene. (Edersheim says: “Its adherents would have perished of hunger rather than join in the meals of the outside world.”)
3. They refused to wear anything of animal origin, such as leather or wool, usually making their clothes of linen.
4. They rejected animal sacrifice, insisting that the Torah had not originally ordered animal sacrifice, but that its text had been corrupted–in regard to that and many other practices as well. Their assertion was certainly corroborated by passages in the scriptures such as: “Will I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats?” (Psalms 50:13). “To what purpose [is] the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the Lord:…I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats” (Isaiah 1:11). “For I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices” (Jeremiah 7:22). The quotation from Isaiah is particularly relevant since he was himself the Master of the Essenes.
It was the Essenes’ contention that the “animals” originally offered in sacrifice were symbolic effigies of animals that represented the particular failing or fault from which the offerer wished to be freed. Appollonius of Tyana taught this same thing in relation to the ancient Greek sacrifices, and urged a return to that form. Long before that, in India dough effigies were offered in “sacrifice.” (See page 42 of Ganesha, by Chitralekha Singh and Prem Nath, published by Crest Publishing House of New Delhi.) In the Essene practice, each person molded the effigies with his own hands, while praying and concentrating deeply on the traits he wished to have corrected, feeling that it was being transferred into the image. The effigies were made of five substances: powdered frankincense, flour, water, olive oil, and salt. When these had dried, they were taken to the tabernacle whose altar was a metal structure with a grating over the top and hot coals within. The effigies were laid upon this grating and burnt by the intense heat. As they burned, through the force of the heat the olive oil and frankincense liquefied and boiled or seeped upward. This fragrant liquid was called “the blood” of the sacrifice. It was this with which Moses consecrated the tabernacle, its equipment, and the priests (Exodus 24:6,8), not animal blood. And it was just such a “lamb” whose “blood” was sprinkled on the doorposts in Egypt (Exodus 12:7).
For the Passover observance, the Essenes would bake a lamb effigy using the same ingredients–except for the frankincense they would substitute honey and cinnamon. (Or, lacking honey, they would use a kind of raisin syrup.) This was the only paschal lamb acceptable to them–and therefore to Jesus and His Apostles.
Consequently, the Essenes refused to worship in Jerusalem, but maintained their own tent-tabernacle on Mount Carmel made according to the original directions given to Moses on Mount Sinai. They considered the Jerusalem temple unacceptable because it was a stone structure built according to Greco-Roman style rather than the simple and humble tabernacle form given to Moses–a form that symbolized both the physical and psychic makeup of the human being. Further, the Jerusalem temple was built by Herod who, completely subservient to Rome, disdained Judaism and practiced a kind of Roman agnostic piety. Because of this the temple was ritually unclean in their estimation. They placated the Jerusalem Temple priests by sending them large donations of money. On occasion they gave useful animals to the Temple in Jerusalem, but only with the condition that they would be allowed to live out their natural span of life.
5. They interpreted the Torah and other Hebrew scriptures in an almost exclusively spiritual, symbolic, and metaphysical manner, as did the Alexandrian Jewish philosopher Philo. They also had esoteric writings of their own which they would not allow non-Essenes to see. But even more objectionable to the other Hebrews was their study and acceptance of “alien” scriptures–the holy books of other religions–so much so that an official condemnation was made of this practice. In light of this we can say that the Essenes were perhaps the first in recorded history to hold a universal, eclectic view of religion.
6. Celibacy was prized by them, being often observed even in marriage, and many of them led monastic lives of total renunciation.
7. They considered their male and female members–all of whom were literate–to be spiritual equals, and both sexes were prophets and teachers among them. This, too, was the practice in Hinduism at that time, women also wearing the sacred thread.
8. They denied the doctrine of the physical resurrection of the dead at the end of time, which was held by some Pharisees–who usually believed in reincarnation–and later became a tenet of Mediterranean Christianity.
9. They believed in reincarnation and the law of karma and the ultimate reunion of the soul with God. This is clearly indicated by the Apostles asking Jesus about a blind man: “Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?” (John 9:2. See May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?).
10. They believed that the sun was a divine manifestation, imparting spiritual powers to both body and mind. They faced the rising and setting sun and recited prayers of worship, refusing, upon rising in the morning, to speak a single word until the conclusion of those prayers. They did not consider the sun was a god, but a symbol of the One God of Light and Life. It was, though, felt that appropriate prayers directed toward the sun would evoke a divine response. (See Jesus’ words to the king of Kashmir as recorded in the Bhavishya Maha Purana that are given later on.)
11. They believed in both divination and the powers of prophecy.
12. They believed in the power of occult formulas, or mantras, as well as esoteric rituals, and practiced theurgy (spiritual “magic”) with them.
13. They believed in astrology, cast horoscopes, and made “magical” amulets of plants and gems according to astrological aspects. They also believed that angels had taught Moses the practice of herbalism.
14. They believed that miraculous cures were natural extensions of authentic spiritual life.
15. They would wear only white clothes as a sign that they worshipped God Who is Light and were clothed by Him in light. This so provoked the other Israelites that praying in white clothing was prohibited by the Pharisees and Sadducees, and laws were drafted accordingly. (The Mishnah begins with such a prohibition.) The disciples of Saint Thomas in India had a similar rule, only wearing white clothes in worship.
16. They observed the identical rules of purity (shaucha/shuddhi) as the Brahmins in India at that time, especially in the matter of bathing frequently.
17. They practiced the strictest adherence to truthfulness. (Travelers in past centuries cited the strict adherence to truth by the Brahmins of India as a great and admirable wonder.)
It should also be noted that most of these Brahminical practices were observed by Buddhists as well, so it is not out of place to consider that the Essenes–and Jesus and His disciples–possessed the qualities of both Hindu and Buddhist religion in “the West” at that time. Read More

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About Most Holy Trinosophia – Natural Initiation – Origins of This Mystery Book

[Simona Rich] The Most Holy Trinosophia is the only known mystical writing of the Comte de St. Germain. There are more books attributed to him, but it’s unlikely that he wrote them. Authors might have borrowed his name in order to make books more popular, though I don’t discount the possibility of him writing more than one book.
This book is one of the most extraordinary document relating to the Hermetic Sciences ever compiled. It was left by St. Germain before his disappearance. In the manuscript it is told that he was captured and kept in the dungeon by the Inquisition of Rome, and it is written that he didn’t die there but, with the help of an angel, was freed.
Very little is known how manuscript changed hands. This manuscript once belonged to the magician Cagliostro, who took it with him when he traveled to Rome. Unfortunately, he was incarcerated in the Castle San Leo and the Inquisition seized the volume, because, as I told quite a few times, the Vatican was after these magical works as it wanted to destroy all who owned them, and to steal their works so that they hold the monopoly over magic.
There were several copies of the work, and the one that has survived to our days is a copy too, which is obvious from the way that different symbols are drawn, especially letters of different languages. In the work we have an opportunity to get familiar with the esoteric doctrines of St. Germain and his associates. They are revealed in symbols – in pictures and symbolic text. Thankfully, we also have a very able explanation of the symbols found at the end of the book.
Quoting from the introduction of The Most Holy Trinosophia:
The work is of no great length, consisting of ninety-six leaves written upon one side only. The calligraphy is excellent. Although somewhat irregular in spelling and accenting, the French is scholarly and dramatic, and the text is embellished with numerous figures, well drawn and brilliantly colored. In addition to the full page drawings there are small symbols at the beginning and end of each of the sections.
Throughout the French text there are scattered letters, words, and phrases in several ancient languages. There are also magical symbols, figures resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics, and a few words in characters resembling cuneiform. At the end of the manuscript are a number of leaves written in arbitrary ciphers, possibly the code used by St.-Germain’s secret society.
It’s an eighteenth-century work though most of the material belongs to a considerably earlier period. Its title can be translated as “The Most Holy Three-fold Wisdom”. This three-fold wisdom might apply to the three kingdoms found in this world; the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom and the animal kingdom. All these three were intensely studied by the students of the occult.
The title of the book may also suggest that three keys are required to unlock its symbolic pictures and texts. Those who studied this book came to the conclusion that those three keys are likely to be alchemy, Essenian Cabbalism and Alexandrian Hermetism – the mysticism of the later Egyptians. Read More

How Keto Affects Your Brain

The Grand Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 1/2: Komilla Sutton

The Chart of the Magic Presence

[Yale] The Chart of the Magic Presence is the visual synopsis of the self-centered teleology of “I AM,” a new religious movement founded in 1932 by Guy and Edna Ballard. Designed by “I AM” follower May DaCamara in 1935, the color saturated Chart depicts the movement’s holy sites on the lower tier (Mount Shasta, California, is at the left) and focuses on two figures connected by a golden “Ray of Light and Energy.” The bottom figure, encased within a milk-bottle shaped “Invincible Wall of Light” and surrounded by Violet Flame, represents the human or flesh body; the upper figure, haloed by circles of color and emanating rays of light, embodies the desired “I AM” Presence.
Use of the Chart was deemed imperative in “I AM,” and the Saint Germain Press, which the Ballards established in Chicago, sold mail-order pictures priced from one to fifteen dollars. In 1939, an electronically animated Chart in Action was manufactured, which included Violet Flame side panels lit by 40-watt bulbs; these were available in 20 and 50-inch sizes for $50 and $200 each. The Chart’s curative properties were emphasized: adherents were instructed to stare at it for hours in order to heal themselves of “discord and imperfection.” As “I AM’s” in-house magazine, The Voice of “I AM,” asserted in 1937: “Every one, who has ever accomplished the Ascension, Jesus included, had to use this Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve his own human creation, before the Substance of his flesh body could vibrate at a rate that would enable it to ascend.”
During the interwar era, a number of new religious movements emerged in the United States. Ranging from Sister Aimee Semple McPherson’s Foursquare Gospel Church (founded in 1922) and Father Divine’s Peace Mission Movement (founded in 1932) to William Dudley Pelley’s Silver Legion of America (1933), Psychiana (1929), and the Lemurian Fellowship (1936), many New Religious Movements attracted impressive numbers of followers, widespread media attention, and considerable wealth. Their appeal seemingly threatened more mainstream religions and notions of social and political order. The federal government charged some of the movements with tax evasion, mail fraud, and "bogus" religious claims. Yet, in 1944, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that religious doctrine, whether new or established, fringe or majority, does not have to be proven: that no religion in America is right or wrong, or true or false.
The new religious movement that instigated this monumental legal decision was “I AM.” The Ballards claimed to be divinely appointed by Ascended Master Saint Germain, an eighteenth-century mystic, to spread the word of spiritual ascension on earth and to help America, in particular, fulfill its destiny as the repository of the forces of “Light,” or goodness. Premised on self-actualization, the prosperity gospel, and spiritual re-embodiment, the new religion emphasized the “Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence,” or the inwardly divine self. Patriotic and politically right wing, “I AM” prominently featured the U.S. flag and the Statue of Liberty in its promotional materials, picturing America in messianic terms. Screeds (or “decrees”) against Communists, labor activists, and New Dealers were frequent; more avid devotees were instructed, for example, to telepathically issue death threats against Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
From 1934-39, the Ballards traveled across America promoting “I AM” to increasingly larger audiences; by the end of the decade, the movement claimed one million adherents. Material and visual cultures were fundamental to “I AM”: followers were encouraged to purchase “I AM” books, records, magazines, pictures of the Ascended Masters, photographs of the Ballards, and, especially, the Chart of the Magic Presence. By 1939, “I AM” had amassed more than $3 million in sales and from “love gifts” donated by adherents eager to receive divine blessings.
Not surprisingly, large sums of tax-free dollars accrued by a non-normative new religion, particularly one that reputedly wanted to off the U.S. president, raised eyebrows. In 1940, “I AM’s” leaders were charged with fraud, with accepting money for products that seemingly bilked believers. On appeal, the case reached the U.S. Supreme Court where, in U.S. v. Ballard, Justice William O. Douglas gave the majority opinion: “It is immaterial what these defendants preached or wrote or taught in their classes ... the price of freedom of religion ... is that we must put up with, and even pay for, a good deal of rubbish.”
“I AM” went into decline in the 1940s, although it is still active. The Chart of the Magic Presence, however, remains highly visible. Co-opted by other new religious movements including the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT), the Chart can be found on numerous websites: testimony to its sustained appeal as an embodiment of faith.

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Mahavatar Babaji: Yogi-Christ of Modern India

[Mahavatar Babaji] The name babaji simply means “revered father.” Though the great master’s birth name and date are unknown, his subtle spiritual influence is felt throughout the world.
Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi first introduced the world to this mysterious master. Still alive and residing in the Himalayas for centuries or even thousands of years, Babaji has been a guide for great spiritual teachers carry out their special dispensations. For this reason he is called a mahavatar, a great incarnation of God.
It was Babaji, too, who re-introduced the ancient science of Kriya Yoga, lost during the dark ages due to, as Paramhansa Yogananda said, “priestly secrecy and man’s indifference.”
Babaji was the guru of Lahiri Mahasaya, through whom the science of Kriya Yoga — a technique for spiritual liberation — once more began to spread throughout the world.
“The Kriya Yoga which I am giving to the world through you in this nineteenth century,” Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya, “is a revival of the same science which Krishna gave, millenniums ago, to Arjuna, and which was later known to Patanjali, and to Christ, St. John, St. Paul, and other disciples.”
“Babaji is well aware of the trend of modern times,” Yogananda wrote, ”especially of the influence and complexities of Western civilization, and realizes the necessity of spreading the self-liberations of yoga equally in the West and in the East.”
During Yogananda’s only recorded meeting with the great sage, Babaji told him, “You are the one I have chosen to spread the message of Kriya Yoga in the West. Long ago I met your guru Yukteswar at a Kumbha Mela; I told him then I would send you to him for training.”
Through Yogananda, the technique of Kriya Yoga and the teachings of yoga have been shared with millions in the West.
Stories and Miracles
"The peerless master moves with his group from place to place in the mountains. His small band contains two highly advanced American disciples. After Babaji has been in one locality for some time, he says: “Dera danda uthao.” (“Let us lift our camp and staff.”) He carries a symbolic danda (bamboo staff).
His words are the signal for moving with his group instantaneously to another place. He does not always employ this method of astral travel; sometimes he goes on foot from peak to peak.
Babaji can be seen or recognized by others only when he so desires. He is known to have appeared in many slightly different forms to various devotees — sometimes without beard and moustache, and sometimes with them. As his undecaying body requires no food, the master seldom eats. As a social courtesy to visiting disciples, he occasionally accepts fruits, or rice cooked in milk and clarified butter."
"His disciples were sitting one night around a huge fire which was blazing for a sacred Vedic ceremony. The master suddenly seized a burning log and lightly struck the bare shoulder of a chela who was close to the fire.
“Sir, how cruel!” Lahiri Mahasaya, who was present, made this remonstrance.
“Would you rather have seen him burned to ashes before your eyes, according to the decree of his past karma?”
With these words Babaji placed his healing hand on the chela’s disfigured shoulder. “I have freed you tonight from painful death. The karmic law has been satisfied through your slight suffering by fire.” Read More

Monday, January 20, 2020

Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick
[Top Documentary Films] The assassination of President John F. Kennedy lingers as one of the most traumatic events of the twentieth century. The open and shut nature of the investigation which ensued left many global citizens unsettled and dissatisfied, and nagging questions concerning the truth behind the events of that fateful day remain to this day. Evidence of this can be found in the endless volumes of conspiracy-based materials which have attempted to unravel and capitalize on the greatest murder mystery in American history.
Now, a hugely ambitious documentary titled Everything is a Rich Man's Trick adds fuel to those embers of uncertainty, and points to many potential culprits whose possible involvement in the assassination has long been obscured by official historical record.
Authoritatively written and narrated by Francis Richard Conolly, the film begins its labyrinthine tale during the era of World War I, when the wealthiest and most powerful figures of industry discovered the immense profits to be had from a landscape of ongoing military conflict. The film presents a persuasive and exhaustively researched argument that these towering figures formed a secret society by which they could orchestrate or manipulate war-mongering policies to their advantage on a global scale, and maintain complete anonymity in their actions from an unsuspecting public. Conolly contends that these sinister puppet masters have functioned and thrived throughout history - from the formation of Nazism to the build-up and aftermath of September 11.
The election of President Kennedy in 1960 represented a formidable threat to these shadowy structures of power, including high-profile figures within the Mafia, crooked politicians, and the world's most influential and notorious war profiteers. Thus, a plot was hatched which would end Kennedy's reign prior to any chance of re-election, thereby restoring the order and freedoms of these secret societies.
At nearly three and a half hours, Everything is a Rich Man's Trick examines a defining event of our times from a perspective not often explored. While it may or may not win over viewers who remain skeptical of mass-scale conspiracy, it presents its findings in a measured and meticulous manner which demands attention and consideration. Watch the Film

History Lessons We Missed in School - My Review of JFK to 911 Everything...

The Underground War Happening Now Part 2

Saturn into Capricorn – Major Shift of Consciousness

23-24 January 2020 to 28 April 2022
12 July 2022 to 17 January 2023
When Saturn changes signs, it is a significant event, and shift in life and it can relieve us of pressures or bring new ones. It all depends on each chart.
The good news is that Saturn is in dignity and its own sign. This will help all if we take Saturn nature in mind – he is kind to those who are being patient, doing good deeds, trying to pay off old karma, working hard, respecting elderly and poor. This is a time to set goals, work hard and you will get results.
- Transit Sasha mahapurusha yoga for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They will get extra opportunities. Aries – professionally.
- Cancer - relationship and work.
- Libra – Home
- Capricorn – overall positive, however, if Moon is placed here, it can be challenging. Learn More at Komilla Sutton's website

Tina Turner - Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu (Peace Mantra)

The Ancient Story of Sanat Kumara

[Story of Sanat Kumara] Souls of the Saints Robed in White:
I come from the great white throne, the I AM THAT I AM in the person of the Ancient of Days.
In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, I sit upon the seat of authority.
I AM he from whose face the earth and the heaven shall flee away, and there shall no place be found for the seed of the wicked.
My heart is the heart of the Trinity.
My heart is the heart of God.
Through my heart there flows from the One the pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb which is the foundation of worlds above and below.
Lo, I AM the Alpha and the Omega of that water of life.
I AM the emissary of the plus and the minus of the perpetual flow of the dayspring from on high.
This is the water of the Lamb descending from the Universal Source heart to heart to heart.
And unto him that receiveth it from the embodied Lamb, it is the elixir first of wisdom, then of the understanding of that wisdom, and finally it is the full-orbed enlightenment of the soul.
And the water poured by the Guru into the upraised chalice of the chela shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.
And the chela that believeth upon the Lamb, the embodied Guru, as the scripture hath said: out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
And so cometh Maitreya to initiate you in the initiation of water and in your individual God-mastery of the emotions–the energies of Alpha and Omega chaliced within the desire body and released through the ten-petaled chakra of the solar plexus, the belly.
This mighty flow of rivers of living water is the veritable sign of the living chelas of the living Guru.
Let the desire body be cleared!
Let the motive of the heart be purified!
Let all of your desiring be the desiring of God within you to restore the soul to the balanced flow of water as the descending life-giving flow of Alpha and Omega!
Lo, it is that sacred fire which is the rising caduceus held in the balance of the plus and the minus by your meditation upon the descending/ascending currents as water and fire commingling, life-giving!
So let the water of life purify the soul!
So let the sacred fire reinfuse the cells of the living body of God one by one with the personal presence of the Word!
Behold the image of the Lord Christ and of his Lamb in every cell of the body of God, worlds without end!
You call me Sanat Kumara, and you know me as the one who stood before the cosmic council known as the Council of the One Hundred and Forty and Four.
You know me because you were witnesses to my plea made for and on behalf of the evolutions of earth who no longer knew the presence of the Lamb, who by disobedience were cut off from the living Guru.
You know me as the one who volunteered to embody the threefold flame within the earth unto the evolutions evolving within the seven planes of being–fire, air, water, and earth.
The Cosmic Council had decreed the dissolution of earth and her evolutions because the souls of her children no longer worshiped the Trinity in the threefold flame of life burning upon the altar of the heart.
They had become the sheep gone astray.
Their attention fixed upon the outer manifestation, they had willfully, ignorantly abandoned the inner walk with God.
They knew not the hidden man of the heart, that blessed Ishwara, and the seven candles no longer burned in the seven windows.
Men and women had become hollow, their chakras black holes in time and space; and their vacated temples became the tombs of the dead; and the spirits of the dead took up their abode within their hollowed-out houses.
Thus they received the judgment of the One Hundred and Forty and Four even as their descendants would hear the denunciation of the Son of God.
Thus the light of the temples had gone out, and the purpose to which God had created man–to be the temple of the living God–was no longer being fulfilled.
One and all were the living dead, a Matter vessel without an ensouling light, an empty shell.
Nowhere on earth was there a mystery school–not a chela, not a Guru, no initiates of the path of initiation unto Christhood.
The hour of the judgment had come, and the one seated upon the throne in the center of the twelve times twelve hierarchies of light had pronounced the word that was the unanimous consensus of all:
Let earth and her evolutions be rolled up as a scroll and lit as a taper of the sacred fire.
Let all energies misqualified be returned to the Great Central Sun for repolarization.
Let energy misused be realigned and recharged with the light of Alpha and Omega, once again to be infused by the Creator within the ongoing creation of worlds without end.
The requirement of the law for the saving of Terra?
It was that one who should qualify as the embodied Guru, the Lamb, should be present in the physical octave to hold the balance and to keep the threefold flame of life for and on behalf of every living soul.
It is the law of the One that the meditation of the one upon the Eternal Christos may count for the many until the many once again become accountable for their words and their works and can begin to bear the burden of their light as well as the karma of their relative good and evil.
I chose to be that one.
I volunteered to be a flaming son of righteousness unto earth and her evolutions. Read More

Sing The Water Song

Year of the Rat: When is the Chinese New Year and what is the meaning of the 2020 zodiac sign?

[Yahoo News] The Chinese New Year is just around the corner.
The festival will see members of the Chinese community across the world welcome the 2020 Year of the Rat, decorating their homes in the lucky colour red and attending spectacular parades as they wish for a happy and prosperous year ahead.
Here is everything you need to know about the Chinese New Year and the meaning of the Year of the Rat:
This year, the first day of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar Near Year, falls on Saturday 25 January.
The day on which the celebration occurs on the Gregorian calendar varies on an annual basis, as its date is determined by the lunisolar Chinese calendar.
The festivities will last for just over a fortnight, culminating with the Lantern Festival on Saturday 8 February.
The Lantern Festival, otherwise known as the Spring Lantern Festival, begins on the 15th day of the first lunar month.​