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Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 1 - Setting the Stage

History Was Made: They Hijacked Our Health, But It’s Not Lost

[Corey Digs] Those ruling the healthcare industry have hijacked our health, but it’s not lost. The Rockefellers spearheaded the healthcare industry, policies, institutes, and eugenics over a century ago. From vaccine cocktails to fertility suppression and control over agriculture, it was a mad scientist’s dream. The Gates Foundation served to further these agendas, and before long, mankind became the greatest experiment. Bigger than that, was the need to control minds by way of perpetrating narratives that read like a heroic novel, with scientists and doctors ensuring ones health and wellbeing, creating the illusion of saviors for all of eternity. By no means did they want people being aware of their innate, natural healing abilities, our robust immune systems, the value of body, mind, and spirit, or taking a holistic approach to health. Flooding the markets with sugar was a surefire way to camouflage the necessity for nutrition. They have hijacked minds, and convinced man that their twisted scientific experiments were the way forward. But, man’s abilities to heal are not lost, they are merely stifled by the decades of brainwashing, fear mongering, and those who continue to rule the industry without accountability or oversight.
Recently, in South Dakota, Bill HB1235 to remove student vaccination requirements and allow parents to decide what medical interventions they wish for their children, was debated in an intense livestream. It was an historic, first-of-its-kind bill in the U.S. Unfortunately, it was voted down 10-2, for this year, but there was mention of the bill being brought back up in a summer study. Nonetheless, many incredible individuals fought for this, the audio is preserved, and it is a solid step in the right direction. We are gaining traction, and it has been witnessed through rallies and people speaking out all over the country – that safety concerns over vaccines need to be investigated STAT, and forcing mandatory injections of cocktails into our bodies and our children’s needs to be a choice, not law.
According to Lawrence Pulaski, a licensed pediatrician from New York City who spoke in support of the bill, he  said that “science has changed,” and that “we are told with certainty that science has been done efficiently on vaccine safety, but yet if we read the ingredients in the vaccines, we will find that the ingredients have never been tested for injection of vaccines into human beings – children or adults.” He went on to say that “most of the ingredients are toxic and can enter the brain and lead to concerns that we are seeing in our children today. Our children have the highest number of chronic diseases of any country in the world.” He backed this up with the following statistics:
1 in 5 have learning disabilities
1 in 10 diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
1 in 11 diagnosed with asthma
1 in 12 with significant allergies
1 in 35 with autism
1 in 20 under the age of 5 with seizures
“Something is happening to the nervous system and the immune systems of our children, and the powers that be continue to insist that vaccine ingredients have nothing to do with these challenges that we are seeing in children,” Pulaski said. He continued to get into the science and falsehoods behind vaccines, and the human anatomy. It was a very compelling and informative statement – certainly worth a listen. Read More

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Jupiter-Saturn 2020: The Tipping Point

[Edith Hathaway] Many arenas of life are sweeping to a tipping point in Dec. 2020.  As we approach this tipping point, the excesses or weaknesses of any ideology become more obvious, as if they are ready to either explode or break.  Though many arenas are in play, among the most prominent is the battle between Nationalism and Globalism, with Nationalism and issues of national sovereignty generally supported by the Right, and Globalism and One World Government generally supported by the Left.
The Far Left has taken their ideology to further extremes by wanting to dispense altogether with Western civilization and its perceived “patriarchal hierarchy.”  The Far Right is always accused of racism and “white nationalism,” though it appears less and less rational to assign this label to “America First” GOP President Donald Trump. He has done more than any U.S. president in 50 years to reduce unemployment rates among minorities and women. He has renegotiated trade deals more favorable to the U.S. and brought back many jobs that had been lost to foreign countries with cheaper labor. The stock market is also at all time highs.  We will soon explore how Donald Trump’s presidency and the U.K.’s Brexit vote symbolize key dynamics leading up to Dec. 2020.
This tipping point in Dec. 2020 is marked astrologically by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on Dec. 21, 2020 at 6:20 Capricorn (sidereal zodiac/Lahiri ayanamsha).  Coinciding with the Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, it is an especially powerful conjunction.  It becomes exact just 7 ½ hours after the Winter Solstice.  As we come to this important conjunction we want to know whether the trends of previous decades will continue unabated or whether they change course and are prone to reversal or modification in Dec. 2020.  This is because Dec. 2020 marks the fulcrum, or tipping point of an important 120-year cycle.
I have determined that some important trends do look prone to reversal and/or modification at this fulcrum point in 2020.  To approach this question I examined the core period of the EARTH cycle (120 years), when the 20-year JU-SA conjunction cycles are not in transition from the previous sign or to the subsequent sign (though there can be a rare anomaly, as in May 2000), and they run entirely in that one element, whether FIRE, EARTH, AIR or WATER.  When we compare this core EARTH period to the previous core periods in the WATER and FIRE elements, we look for whether the historical themes remain consistent throughout the core period of a particular element.  The strength of the JU-SA conjunction occurring at the fulcrum of the cycle is pivotal in determining how the rest of the core period proceeds.
As is clear from the graph above, the Dec. 2020 JU-SA conjunction occurs at the fulcrum of the core 120-year period.  The ways by which I measure the greatest strength of a JU-SA conjunction are if it is: 1) Vargottama (the planet repeats in the same sign in the Navamsha and other important sub-charts, thus usually strengthening it); 2) occurs at the Solstice, Equinox or the Galactic Center; and/or 3) comes to exactness three times, i.e. triple conjunctions.  Additionally, a conjunction gains some measure of strength by virtue of its position at the beginning or end of the core period.  This becomes far more emphatic if it also has one or more of the Standout Conjunction attributes. The Dec. 2020 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is a Standout Conjunction because it occurs at the Winter Solstice.  This should be within 24 hours or less, and in this case the range is 7 ½ hours.
We note the trends six to seven years prior to the conjunction – especially the JU-SA conjunction at the fulcrum – as those years can indicate whether a significant change is brewing. (Six years is half a Jupiter orbital cycle, and seven years is one quarter of a Saturn orbital cycle.) The closer we get to the conjunction, the more it becomes evident whether the reversal or modification in trend has enough strength to carry it onwards.  Of course the first several years after the fulcrum conjunction are also crucial.
In addition, we analyze recurring themes from within a few years of the JU-SA conjunction that happened 60 years earlier (Feb. 18, 1961) or even 120 years earlier (Nov. 28, 1901, the start of the 60-year FIRE to EARTH Mutation period).  In the U.S. several themes from near 1961 are recurring in a big way, as if they are being re-considered and re-negotiated.  Among those themes are: 1) globalization 2) national identity and the rightful powers of a nation-state; 3) immigration; 4) foreign aid, i.e. aid that the U.S. dispenses to foreign countries; 5) the proper role of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank; and 6) the integrity of U.S. intelligence agencies such as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
One example is foreign aid. On Nov. 3, 1961 the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) was formed. Its purpose was to administer civilian foreign aid and development assistance. It became one of the world’s largest official aid agencies, with a budget of over $27 billion.  Unfortunately, such aid started to become a regular political tool for enriching members of Congress and their families.  Most recently, in 2019, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have been accused of receiving very large payments in exchange for foreign aid extended to both the Ukraine and China.  And they are not alone in this practice. The Trump administration wants to make reforms in this ongoing corruption, which has not changed or improved since a 2002 American Economic Review analysis. It concluded that “increases in [foreign] aid are associated with contemporaneous increases in corruption,” and that “corruption is positively correlated with aid received from the United States.” Coming some 60 years after USAID was founded, Trump has a real chance to clean up this particular arena of corruption. If not, it can go even more out of control. Read More

Christian Prayers for Peace and Unity in 2020

A Prayer for Serenity amidst the Chaos
Heavenly Father, grant our souls the peace we want for ourselves as we face the chaos of the world. Allow the calmness to rule our hearts and never let fears rule over our minds. Help us not to be afraid of all the tragedy that keeps on shaking our faith in You. Let Your precious blood cover each one of us, Amen.
A Prayer for Anxiousness
Heavenly God, encourage us with Your love and mercy. Free us from the chain that halts us to become closer to You. Free us from fear, anxieties, and worries that keep on pushing us to our limits. Turn our distress to something great, Lord. Thank You for not abandoning us throughout the battle, Amen.
A Prayer for your Family
Lord, the time You have given me my family was the happiest moment of my life. Each of us has a dream we want to fulfill, Lord; as we separate every day to reach that goal, allow us to stay connected to one another. Help us cast the burdens that slowed us from reaching our goals. They are the best gift I received from You, God. We allow You to be the center of this family, Amen.
A Prayer for Harmony
Almighty God, the world is in disarray; help us to spread love, among others. Please give us the burden to accept and respect other people that don’t share the same beliefs with ours. Never allow superiority to come our way, Lord. Let the fairness prevails at the end. Amen.
A Prayer for Healing
Lord, the world is at war right now. Many people are in great trouble because of personal and social struggles. God, heal us from the distress inflicted on us by the world. Many people are enraged because of unresolved traumas and relationship in the past; deliver to them the full healing they need and allow their hearts to understand that only You can change their whole life. Amen.
A Prayer During Difficulties
Good Lord, each of us is facing difficulties right now. Sometimes, it weakens our foundation and gives us an unsettling feeling. Some of us chose to die because they didn’t surpass the challenges. God, there are people out there who can’t combat tribulations. Today, I ask You, God, to give them courage and wisdom on how to solve their struggles. Please give us the vision to see the impossible. Amen.
A Prayer for the Self
Lord, I get too confident of myself sometimes and forget that You existed; I am losing my balance, Lord. Draw me closer to Your presence so that I may find the peace and love that I have been searching for too long. Please, bring me the power to understand the setbacks and tribulations that try to shake my faith. I do not know the future. Help me prepare and pick the right armor as I start my journey towards uncertainty. I am offering my life to You, God.
We can formulate prayers through the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. The bible always consoles us by reminding us that God listens to every whisper of our hearts. For more topics about knowing God, about the scriptures and prayers, you can access and have more conversations with our God.
When life pulls you to the edge, it is reasonable to seek for remedy. Never stop yourself in finding cures for all the adversities. Prayer is a powerful weapon we can use to fight any challenge. The comfort of having God in our lives is incomparable. Yes, you can live your life according to your will, but living with the Lord is way better than maneuvering it alone. If you are in the hands of the Lord, you are secured and loved. [from IFP News]

THIS is What Eating SUGAR Does to Your Skin!

These Young Colorado Farmers Are Changing the Future of Agriculture

[5280] Standing atop a wind-whipped hill that cuts through his 14 acres outside of Lyons, Nick DiDomenico points to a barren brown patch visible just across Highway 36. That’s how his land looked when he bought the parcel—a plot he named Elk Run Farm—back in 2015. “Nobody had farmed here for the last 10 years, and it had been overgrazed before then,” he says. “It was actually a cattle operation.”
Since then, wild grasses have covered the hillside, popping up between the rocks and cacti where he runs his animals—hogs, sheep, and chickens—and there’s a flourishing garden that produces everything from tomatoes and tomatillos to corn and sorghum in the summer. Most notably, though, are the 2,000 trees he planted this year, row upon row of saplings that will produce apples, pears, hazelnuts, and apricots when they’re fully grown.
Remarkably, DiDomenico—a 29-year-old from Boulder without familial farming connections who gleaned an interest in agriculture during a stint traveling in South America—is doing all of this without pesticides or fertilizers. He also doesn’t have water rights (“I have a productive well,” he says), but he maintains that the trees are an even more pivotal part of his irrigation system, as their root systems retain moisture and have helped improve his land’s overall soil health. It’s a concept that seems to be working; the design and execution earned his property an award from the Colorado Permaculture Guild this past summer as the “Colorado Farm of the Year.”
Permaculture, a term falling under the umbrella of regenerative agriculture, applies to farm systems better described as ecosystems rather than traditional commodity-oriented operations. DiDomenico’s agroforest—a type of permaculture that incorporates the cultivation and conservation of trees as an integral part of its design—represents a growing area of interest for younger and beginning farmers, who self-purport to be environmentally conscious and concerned about sustainability, according to surveys from the National Young Farmers Coalition.
That school of thought comes at an interesting time for global food cultivation. Just this summer, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report detailing the adverse effects of modern agriculture on climate change. Of greatest concern? That humans must change their current agricultural methods (i.e., by shrinking farms and cultivating more trees) to prevent the most dramatic consequences of climate change—like extreme heat waves and subsequent mass migrations from areas implicated by rising seas and desertification—if the planet continues to warm to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. The report was released around the same time that images of Brazil’s burning rainforest were eliciting global outrage. Many of those fires were set by humans to quickly clear land for more farms, part of a concerted effort by Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to increase agricultural output in the country and loosely enforce standing regulations aimed at stemming deforestation.
Add to that: The planet’s population is expected to grow to 10.9 billion people by the end of the century. In the United States, that means a population of 434 million (up from 327 million people) and in Colorado alone, that growth translates to roughly 8.5 million people by 2050, an increase of 3 million new residents from the current population of nearly 5.7 million. And, of course, all those people need to eat.
That’s why farming operations like DiDomenico’s offer hope to climate scientists (and environmentally conscious consumers) that permaculture’s intangible environmental benefits, including reduced water use, little to no pesticides and fertilizers, and improved soil health, even in arid areas like Colorado, offer real insights into sustainable food security in the future.
“The issue with permaculture is that it has this stigma that it’s this far-out hippie thing, but there’s actually real science to back it up,” explains Mathew Davis, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Environmental Design program, who studies landscape architecture, urban agriculture, and community design. “The idea now is how do you go to a larger scale? Once you get one of these places established, it’s more self-sustaining. There’s always work to do on a farm, but as the farm’s ecosystem evolves, it begins to take more and more care of itself.”
Davis has been studying Elk Run Farm as part of his work at CU, and points to other examples in Colorado—like Basalt’s half-acre public food park—as evidence of a growing permaculture movement taking hold with the state’s budding agricultural producers. Just 10 miles away from DiDomenico’s operation, 37-year-old Byron Kominek is also challenging the status quo on his 24 acres. Kominek, a former diplomat who served at U.S. State Department outposts in Africa, is cultivating a solar garden, aptly named Jack’s Solar Garden after his grandfather, who had grown hay on the site since the 1970s. Read More

Cracking Your Skull

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The Magic Presence: The Ascension of Daniel Rayborn

[From the Magic Presence] "At eleven o'clock that night, we were escorted into the Electrical Chamber, where the marvelous Atomic Accelerator was waiting to receive another of God's children and send him forth into his Eternal Freedom-a Son of Light-a True Image and Likeness of the "Mighty I AM Presence.”
As we entered the chamber, the Light within it was intense, yet it held tiny points of more Dazzling Light that darted to and fro in the atmosphere continually. Rayborn seated himself in the Chair, and the twenty-four present formed a circle about the Accelerator, Saint Germain standing directly behind him, and I just in front. Nada, his Twin Ray, stood within the circle. When all were ready, Saint Germain commanded the individual attention of each one to be held steady upon the Presence and Supremacy of the "I AM," and that of the Master Jesus. Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, a Circle of the most intense Dazzling White Light surrounded us, drawing steadily toward the Chair until it was only about ten feet across. The Light within Daniel Rayborn expanded and met the Circle of Light without. As they touched, he began to rise slowly to a distance of about his own height above the Accelerator, the Light within him continuing to increase. Nada, his own Twin Ray, rose also and drew toward him, passing within the smaller Circle of Light. They met in divine embrace for a moment. The next instant the face of the Master Jesus shone out in an Aura of gold, pink and blue above them. Inclining their heads toward us and smiling radiantly, they looked upward as a Great Ray of intense White Light descended, enveloping them both in Its Protecting Radiance, blessing their Glorious Union, and hiding them from our sight while they passed beyond all care and limitation into their Eternal Perfection of Being-clothed in Bodies of Everlasting Light, the Robe of Immortality that shines brighter than the Sun at noonday. Thus did another "Mighty Master Presence" of the "Great I AM" enter into Cosmic Service-as the Celestial Chorus sang Its Anthem of Eternal Praise and Victory unto "The Light of God that never fails." Read More

Globalists Wage Biological Warfare To Combat Great Awakening

The Pentagon Is Sitting on a Chunk of Valuable Airwaves. Why?

[Politico] As the Trump administration squares off with China’s Huawei over who will dominate the world’s next generation of wireless networks, another battle is emerging closer to home. And in this one, the force causing the most concern isn’t a shadowy Chinese firm, or even a company at all. It’s the Pentagon.
The fast new consumer and business network known as 5G, already being touted in Super Bowl ads, will require large new swaths of the airwaves. And for the companies building it out, the most coveted piece of that invisible real estate is the “mid-band,” a set of frequencies that can carry far more data than current cellphone signals.
Since the 1960s, rights over much of the mid-band have been claimed by government agencies, most notably the U.S. Department of Defense, which says it needs to use mid-band waves for research and military communications. Critics say the military is barely using those airwaves, and by squatting on the rights it is blocking American firms from developing better 5G networks.
Now, as 5G moves quickly from a sales pitch to a business reality, a significant battle is erupting between wireless carriers, which want the government to free up the Pentagon’s share of the mid-band airwaves for commercial use, and Pentagon generals, who warn of national-security risks if they lose control.
As they bicker, Chinese companies aren’t waiting: Huawei and others are moving quickly to build and sell equipment that exploits exactly those frequencies. As other nations stock up on infrastructure built by Huawei and other Chinese firms, gear from China is becoming the standard in much of the world — and U.S. producers fear that they’re being shut out of a quickly developing new technology by their own government. The Pentagon, too, is likely to face security concerns in its overseas operations as its mid-band channels get crowded by Chinese-built devices.
Though it hasn’t cracked the front pages yet, the battle over the mid-band airwaves has created strange political dynamics of its own, with big telecom companies trying to budge the Pentagon without triggering an open lobbying war, and Newt Gingrich and Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale joining the battle on behalf of yet another would-be player in the industry. In the process, it’s focusing attention on a big mystery: What is the Pentagon even doing with its valuable slice of the wireless spectrum?
And, with China racing to exploit its lead, the lack of mid-band open to American companies is raising a bigger worry for U.S. competitiveness: Even if the Pentagon finds a way to free up some of the territory, China’s growing head start may mean it’s already too late. Read More

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Top 5 Ingredients To AVOID In The Foods We Eat Every Day - Educational G...

Who was Baird T Spalding?

[] Baird Thomas Spalding is the nom de plume of Bayard Spaulding*, an American writer born in 1872 in Cohocton, New York. Spalding self-published Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East in 1924 which told of a fantastic research expedition to India and Tibet in the 1890’s that witnessed masters who could perform miraculous feats, imparting simple spiritual truths in a format which appealed to Western audiences.
Spalding’s first book was republished by DeVorss & Co and became a runaway hit, selling many thousands of copies and leading Spalding on lecture tours across America. Spalding continue to write three more volumes of Life and Teaching, and led a small group of followers to India in 1935. He died in 1953 in Arizona at the age of 80.
Spalding’s books and his publisher say he was born in the 1850’s in England, and his father/grandfather was from India. What’s your source for saying otherwise?
Baird T Spalding’s family history has been published here, taken from authoritative sources such as passport records, the US census and Spaulding family obituaries and they are unequivocal.
Spalding had no family connection to India, but he did have a lifelong penchant for tall tales. The biography and timeline provided in the books and on the DeVorss & Co website is primarily based on those tales and is mostly fictional, just like Spalding’s nom de plume.
Are the books fiction or non-fiction? Did Spalding actually go to India in 1894?
Many readers are disappointed when they learn that Spalding did not go to India in 1894, and there was no research expedition as described in Life and Teaching. Spalding was only 22 years old in 1894, and he spent most of the 1890’s in the Yukon mining for gold. Spalding’s first visit to India was in 1935 at the behest of his publisher, after the release of Life and Teaching Volume 3.
Presenting fictional material of a spiritual nature in the style of scientific expeditions to distant lands and discoveries of rare documents was a popular genre around the turn of the century (see Nicholas Notovitch and Edmund Bordeaux Szekely for similar examples). Life and Teaching is a work of fiction in the genre of magical autobiography.
Spalding was a fascinating man who freely mixed fact and fiction in his life, telling stories that varied from one telling to the next. Many of the incredible stories surrounding Spalding were told in a way that helped people to comprehend the spiritual content of his books.
Can I get a map of Spalding’s travels through India, or the names of his companions? What about the location or photographs of the Temple Of Silence, the Healing Temple, or the Temple Of The Great Tau?
Unfortunately, since Spalding did not travel to India as described in Life and Teaching, there is no map, photographs or further information available. Astute readers may notice the books lack any detailed information about locations or people that is typical of scientific expeditions. The journey, researchers and the temples existed only in Spalding’s imagination.
Spalding’s books and his publisher say he studied at Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Heidelberg. Is that true?

Spalding did make those claims, but there are no records of him studying at Berkeley, Stanford or Columbia according to University registrars. Since Spalding did not travel to Germany, it is highly unlikely he studied at the University of Heidelberg.
Where did the spiritual content of the books come from?
Much of the content of Life and Teaching was inspired by the New Thought movement. Spalding was a member of a New Thought group in San Francisco during the early 1920’s when he wrote Life and Teaching Volume One and the first chapters of the book were published in the groups magazine. His wife Stella Spalding was an intelligent, University educated woman who helped Spalding greatly when writing the books. Spalding’s publisher Doug DeVorss was raised  in the Unity Church, a New Thought group, and it is likely he had input on the later volumes of Life and Teaching. Read More

UK's Kew Gardens to help protect Australia's plants after wildfires

Britain is to protect Australia’s plants and trees by helping the emergency collection of seeds in areas devastated by wildfires and storing some of the rarest specimens in the world’s biggest wild seed bank.
Scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London will help the emergency seed collection and store precious specimens at its Millennium Seed Bank (MSB), a giant trove of seeds which acts as an insurance policy for plants and trees.
Over 2.3 billion seeds from 190 countries are stored in air-tight glass containers stacked in huge -20°C freezers underground and can be used to grow a new generation of plants in years to come. It currently has 41,000 different species.
For the collecting, Kew scientists will work alongside colleagues in the Australian Seed Bank Partnership.
“We ... are pleased to be able to support their efforts, as part of our ongoing partnership to address biodiversity loss through seed-banking in Australia,” said the MSB’s Elinor Breman in a statement.
She added: “Kew’s scientists will work with the ASBP to conduct emergency seed-collecting in areas devastated by the bushfires and longer-term germination research, which will hopefully aid the international effort to restore habitats more quickly in this precious and biodiverse region.”
Kew has worked with Australian seed banks since 2000, sharing expertise on seed collection processes, conservation and research so that the seeds of plant species considered rare or threatened can be banked and conserved for the future. 
So far, 12,450 seed collections representing 8,900 Australian species, all of which are saved in local seed banks, have been duplicated and stored in Kew’s MSB.
Australia’s wildfires have burned through an area the size of Greece since September, in what the government there has called an ecological disaster.
The protected species of Wollemi Pines - prehistoric trees which outlived the dinosaurs - survived the wildfires.
Others were not so lucky: wood-chopping company Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers suspended trading in its shares after severe fire-damage meant 90% of its tree crop was no longer productive. Read More

Something in Deep Space Is Sending Signals to Earth in Steady 16-Day Cycles

[VICE] A mysterious radio source located in a galaxy 500 million light years from Earth is pulsing on a 16-day cycle, like clockwork, according to a new study. This marks the first time that scientists have ever detected periodicity in these signals, which are known as fast radio bursts (FRBs), and is a major step toward unmasking their sources.
FRBs are one of the most tantalizing puzzles that the universe has thrown at scientists in recent years. First spotted in 2007, these powerful radio bursts are produced by energetic sources, though nobody is sure what those might be. FRBs are also mystifying because they can be either one-offs or “repeaters,” meaning some bursts appear only once in a certain part of the sky, while others emit multiple flashes to Earth.
Pulses from these repeat bursts have, so far, seemed somewhat random and discordant in their timing. But that changed last year, when the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Fast Radio Burst Project (CHIME/FRB), a group dedicated to observing and studying FRBs, discovered that a repeater called FRB 180916.J0158+65 had a regular cadence.
The CHIME/FRB team kept tabs on the repeating burst between September 2018 and October 2019 using the CHIME radio telescope in British Columbia. During that period, the bursts were clustered into a period of four days, and then seemed to switch off for the next 12 days, for a total cycle of about 16 days. Some cycles did not produce any visible bursts, but those that did were all synced up to the same 16-day intervals.
“We conclude that this is the first detected periodicity of any kind in an FRB source,” the team said in a paper published on the preprint server arXiv in late January. “The discovery of a 16.35-day periodicity in a repeating FRB source is an important clue to the nature of this object.”
Scientists recently tracked down this particular FRB to a galaxy called SDSS J015800.28+654253.0, which is a half a billion light years from Earth. That may seem like a huge distance, but FRB 180916.J0158+65 is actually the closest FRB ever detected. Read More

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We've Found The Magic Frequency (This Will Revolutionize Our Future)

A supervolcano in Utah? It's 30 times larger than Yellowstone

[USA Today] Yellowstone's famous caldera, which last went off more than 640,000 years ago, can lay claim as North America's most well-known supervolcano.
But it isn't the continent's largest — a more ancient one found near the small southwestern Utah town of Enterprise, was about 30 times bigger.
Aspects of the geological landscape that Southern Utah is famous for – Pine Mountain, Veyo volcano and lava flows – come from volcanic activity in the area, all stemming from the supervolcano "Wah Wah Springs."
Yellowstone's famous caldera, which last went off more than 640,000 years ago, can lay claim as North America's most well-known supervolcano.
But it isn't the continent's largest — a more ancient one found near the small southwestern Utah town of Enterprise, was about 30 times bigger.
Aspects of the geological landscape that Southern Utah is famous for – Pine Mountain, Veyo volcano and lava flows – come from volcanic activity in the area, all stemming from the supervolcano "Wah Wah Springs."
Yellowstone still has frequent volcanic activity, and some people think we’re overdue for another big one (which if you’re talking in the span of thousands of years, maybe), according to local scientist Ron Smith.
“Yellowstone has gotten a lot of publicity because of the severity of a supervolcano and the effect it would have on the earth," Smith, a former university professor in California and now SunRiver resident, said at a lecture at Dixie State University on Monday. "We cannot say that Yellowstone is overdue ... it is probably going to blow again but it could well be 500,000 years from now or a week from Tuesday."
According to the United States Geological Survey, the probability of another supervolcanic event in Yellowstone in the next few thousand years is "exceedingly low."
Wah Wah Springs released 30 times more ash and debris than the infamous Yellowstone explosion though, Smith said. Compared to more recent volcanic events, it was 5,000 times larger than the eruption at Mount St. Helen's in 1980.