Saturday, March 21, 2020

Memoirs of Beloved Jesus and Mary

[Ascended Master Teaching Foundation] The teachings contained in the books distributed by the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation are based on the instructions of Divine Beings, also called Ascended Masters. Jesus, Mother Mary, Moses and Confucius are among them. A new phase of their teachings commenced in 1930, when the Ascended Master Saint Germain appeared to Mr. Guy W. Ballard on Mount Shasta. These instructions were complemented in the 1950’s, through Geraldine Innocente, who received a large amount of new information. Almost all of the addresses, given in this publication, are by beloved Mother Mary and Jesus. Beloved Mother Mary and beloved Jesus have opened their hearts, sharing a treasure-chest of sweet and sacred memories that HAVE NEVER BEEN SHARED BEFORE. Written in chronological or-der, the reader is presented with a comprehensive treatise on their activities during their last embodiment, as well as their services they render to mankind, today. Many of these events are not given in the Bible, such as additional accounts of the “Three Wise Men,” early life experiences of Jesus, his trip to India, and details of his ascension. The reader learns of Mary’s Journey to Europe, including her travels to Fatima, Lourdes and Glastonbury. Beloved Mother Mary and Jesus are still active today, supporting mankind at many levels. We can call on them, for assistance in healing and many other items such as in group activities and guidance in our daily affairs. Read the entire Book