Saturday, May 2, 2020

Coronavirus – The Bigger Picture & Time-Lines

[Edith Hathaway] The year 2020 was always the target year, both politically and astrologically.  The  Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Dec. 2020 highlights an astrological target year, and with it many non-astrological factors that can also be described by the planets.  When the JU-SA conjunctions started to dominate in sidereal EARTH signs, from Sept. 9, 1921, the shift began from the previous FIRE period that had featured the power of both religion and the nation-state. In the EARTH period (1921-2199), businesses, corporate conglomerates, industrialists and bankers would gain increasing power over nations and their policies.  Unelected bureaucrats and technocrats plus complicit media would help to achieve their goals. This became clearer during World War I (1914-1919) in the years leading up to the first EARTH conjunction, and more so after the Mutation from FIRE to EARTH ended in Feb. 1961.
From that time we began a 120-year core EARTH period, in which, aside from one anomaly in May 2000, there are six consecutive conjunctions in EARTH signs, with the first middle and last conjunctions all in Capricorn.  This sets up the structure of the upcoming period, especially the conjunctions of Feb. 1961 and Dec. 2020.  The EARTH to AIR Mutation period follows from March 2080 to April 2199.
I have gone on record since fall 2019 as saying that this JU-SA conjunction in Dec. 2020 and the year preceding it marks a major turning point or even tipping point,   at which the major Globalist trends of the previous 60+ years look likely to be reversed.  This is only possible because of the power of this conjunction at the Winter Solstice.  I have established that this conjunction at the fulcrum of the cycle must be one of the “Standout conjunctions.” Otherwise, the trends would continue pretty much along the same trajectory.  Even so, there is a huge battle going on between the Globalists and the Nationalists, especially as the Globalists seek to maintain power by any means possible. If the economy crashes in the process, so be it. It is a way to defeat Trump.  Likewise the European Union and its Globalist supporters have fought bitterly against Brexit.
Only in 2016 did a reversal of rapidly accelerating Globalist trends look remotely possible.  This was due to the U.K. Brexit vote in June 2016 and to the election of Donald J. Trump as U.S. President in Nov. 2016.  The Brexit vote was finally implemented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Jan. 31, 2020. But these 2016 events were harbingers of the JU-SA conjunction in Dec. 2020, and confirm our understanding that trend changes can start up to 6-7 years in advance of the major conjunction.
The choice for humanity as we move further into 2020 is quite dramatic. The chances of the world population being ruled by the self-appointed Globalists and their One World Government has been a plan for over a century. It was backed by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers among others, and initially by Cecil Rhodes, a major promoter of Globalism. Since his death in 1903, two years after the last JU-SA conjunction in the FIRE period, there has been a steady acceleration of the Globalists to weaken and minimize the power of the nation-state and to make a global organization – currently the United Nations – the front engine behind which they wield the real power.  Policies would be made by Globalists and U.N. entities (such as WHO, the World Health Organization), not by nations, their elected leaders and their citizens, whose rights as individuals would be weakened as never before.  In the works since 2015, for instance, was a U.N. resolution informing us that all nations should now open their borders and allow unfettered mass immigration.  All media outlets were instructed to endorse it, regardless of their own national concerns about border security.  U.S. President Obama and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel adamantly supported it, but in Dec. 2018 President Trump did not sign the document (The U.N. Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration).  Since taking office President Trump refuted or dismantled many other Globalist projects Obama had enthusiastically joined or initiated, with Globalist projects well underway since the presidency of Bill Clinton, 1993-2001.
The Corona World Order
With the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China from Nov. or Dec. 2019 leading to outbreaks elsewhere, the Corona World Order has taken hold in much of the world since mid-March 2020.  It has brought an explosion of information on every media front, including about the origins of the Coronavirus and about China’s role in perhaps intentionally spreading it, with the WHO closely cooperating with China.  So much about Sept. 2001 is repeating during these times due to some important planetary repeats from Sept. 2001, namely the Mars-Ketu conjunction in sidereal Sagittarius. (See my previous coverage here.)  The 9-11 event in the U.S. rapidly changed the world into a Surveillance State, with media coverage of 9-11 full of disinformation, i.e. information intended to deceive in order to hide the true cause of the event and its intended outcome.  Meanwhile, voices contradicting the official narrative are shut down as quickly as possible.  This has been the typical scenario and is repeated again in 2020.
In 2001 and beyond, vast numbers of scientists and engineers said that the World Trade Towers could have only been destroyed by a carefully planned demolition, not by jet fuel from two airplanes that crashed into two of the towers.  But an incredible propaganda campaign insisted on the official narrative on this and many other points. From there, many major policies began to take effect.
Likewise in 2020, many dissenting doctors and statisticians are disagreeing vehemently with the radical policy decisions being made by world and national leaders based on faulty statistics and flawed application of medical knowledge of epidemiology, immunology and microbiology. Based on the current data, they say that Covid-19 is no worse than a normal flu season, probably far less worse, with no justification for large-scale lockdowns. The natural immunity of the body is prevented, as happens in “herd immunity.” So this time we have a sort of Medical 9-11 along with a Media Epidemic spreading fear and panic and exaggerating the death totals by notating most deaths as Covid-19.  Public health officials are dictating this policy in the U.S. and elsewhere, even if each case is only “presumed or possible” as Covid-19.  Most of these deaths were from underlying conditions. Read More